Nanna FolkBelice Necklace

590 DKK


A joyous necklace combining an elongated-link chain in gold-plated sterling silver and beads of natural coral in soft pink, pretty peach, and vibrant red, the Belice Necklace from Nanna Folk is a walk to remember! Inspired by the beauty of coral reefs and paradise beaches, it teams perfectly with your summer outfits. Wear it on its own or mix and match with other lovely pieces from Nanna Folk’s Sea Treasures range.

  • 18k gold plated 925 sterling silver necklace
  • Natural corals
  • Colours: Gold, pink, red

What's great about it

Designer Nanna Folk heads her Spanish brand that specialises in demi-fine handcrafted jewellery marked by exclusive creativity. The brand's young team crafts evocative jewellery that captures the essence of a woman in all her myriad hues. Employing an entirely handmade process, the brand offers something special and unique for everyone. Nanna Folk designs both charmingly feminine as well as unisex pieces that are sure to appeal to both men and women alike.

Why we love it

Whatever your mood, you are sure to find a Nanna Folk piece of jewellery to please you. There’s magic in the Nanna Folk jewels and the exclusive use of only the best quality materials and a dedicated making process ensures that it stays that way! Their joyful array of rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets is designed to satisfy the emotions. We are particularly impressed by the fresh and youthful boho-chic designs in the Nanna Folk portfolio.

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