MARYLOURebecca Ring Gold, Pink Sapphire

4.200 DKK


The elegant Rebecca Ring from MaryLou is crafted in 18-karat gold. The ring is set with a 2.5 mm ædelsten (light pink sapphire) gemstone.

  • 18k gold ring
  • Light pink sapphire: Ø 2.5mm
  • Material thickness: 1 mm gold thread
  • Colour: Gold, pink

What's the story

The MaryLou brand is the sweet culmination of Marie-Louise’s childhood dream of growing up to be a jeweller. Her desire was so strong that the universe conspired to fulfil it. She was introduced to jewellery at a very young age by a friend of her family, who taught her the basics of jewellery design. She later developed her talent through formal education in design and goldsmithery. Each of her pieces are modelled by hand from recycled gold/silver and set with gemstones that are ethically sourced. Her love and gratitude for the environment is reflected in her design aesthetics which are often abstract representations of natural elements like the wind, sea, and plants. Rebecca is a biblical name that means “captivating” or “to tie/bind firmly”. True to its name, the Rebecca Ring is a captivating piece that beautifully fuses the gold and gemstone together. The 14k gold encompasses the 2.5mm pink sapphire and seems to justify the name of the ring.

What's great about it

The Rebecca Ring is a delicate piece that you can comfortably slip onto your finger. The subtle glint of the light pink sapphire, which embellishes the zigzag pattern on the ring, will attract attention and add grace to your fingers.

How to wear it

Pink sapphires symbolise trust, loyalty, and sincerity while gold represents prosperity and glamour. So, flaunt the Rebecca Ring with your formal wear on any work day; you are sure to radiate an aura of reliability and confidence. Wear the Rebecca Ring on date night and add a touch of glamour to your looks. You can also mix-and-match the ring with other pieces from MaryLou, for the designs have a common thread that makes it easy to combine them in a look.

Why we love it

MaryLou pieces are handcrafted, elegant jewellery made with concern for the environment and the humans involved in the process. Designer-jeweller Marie-Louise ensures that all the gemstones sourced for her designs have a natural origin and that the labourers who handle their processing have proper working conditions. Marie-Louise creates pieces with a vision that they can be inherited by your future generations. So, by investing in a MaryLou piece, you are choosing timeless pieces marked by excellence in craftsmanship and quality as well as concern for our planet.

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