MARYLOUDouble Tiaré Ring Gold, White Diamond, Red Ruby

3.200 DKK


The graceful Double Tiaré Ring from MaryLou is crafted in 18 karat gold. It is embellished with a 0.3 carat brilliant cut diamond and a ruby.

  • 18k gold ring
  • 1 ruby and 0.3ct. brilliant cut diamond
  • Colours: Gold, red, white

What's the story

Deeply conscious of the intricate aesthetics and intimate appeal of jewellery, Marie-Louise Joensen, the chief designer at MaryLou, has always strived to conjure up designs that are reminiscent of fluidity and individuality. With ethically sourced pearls, recycled fine gold, and a policy to plant a tree for every sapphire used, MaryLou produces delicately handcrafted pieces that create long-lasting memories as well as give back to nature. The Double Tiaré Ring is pretty, elegant, and pleasing on the hand. Its 18 karat gold band is complemented by the 0.3 carat brilliant cut diamond and a ruby, which makes for a stunning ornament. The intricate twisted shape of the ring adds to its beauty. The combined colours of gold, red, and white are a match made in heaven.

What's great about it

Sporting a hammered finish, the Double Tiaré Ring has an organically shaped band. The lustrous 0.3 carat brilliant cut diamond and the beautiful red ruby elevate the charm of this unconventional curvy ring. Designed for the true fashionista who embraces the classic and the quirky with equal panache, this Double Tiaré Ring is just the perfect accessory to liven up an everyday look.

How to wear it

The Double Tiaré Ring with its gold, red, and white colours uplifts your look on any occasion. This unusual creation can happily fit in with a boho-chic getup. It also pairs just as well with a crisp formal outfit, adding some sharp pizzazz to the whole look. The Double Tiaré Ring can also be paired with matching pieces from the Tiaré Collection. Designer Marie-Louise Joensen promises that there is always a common thread running through her designs, which enables you to mix and match accessories across collections from MaryLou.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves MaryLou jewellery for its sheer vibrancy. Every piece is designed to pull the unusual of the conventional. The organic form palette and the pretty smattering of gorgeous gemstones make the Tiaré Collection as unique and colorful as you are. Evoking the power of memories and the hope of unfettered dreams, this extraordinary bunch of jewellery is designed to liberate and recalibrate your inner strength. Go ahead and gift yourself this ring and feel the confidence brim up inside you!

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