MARYLOUPoesi Necklace Gold, Pink Sapphire

8.300 DKK


The Poesi Necklace from MaryLou is a delicate piece in 14 karat gold. The pendant of the necklace is set with a pink coloured natural sapphire.

  • 14k gold necklace
  • Pink sapphire
  • Colour: Gold, Pink

What's the story

Jewellery Designer Marie-Louise is the brain behind the MaryLou brand. The brand is the culmination of her childhood dream of becoming a jeweller. Her pieces have a sense of movement, as if the materials are moving to create forms. Careful about giving back to the environment, Marie-Louise creates pieces from recycled gold and silver with gemstones that are ethically sourced. MaryLou does not publish in collections: each piece is a distinct handmade creation of Marie-Louise. She created the Poesi Necklace, which can be categorized into the Tiaré Collection, from 14-karat recycled gold. “Poesi” is the Danish word for poetry and this necklace symbolises poetry in motion through its unique pendant, also crafted in 14-karat gold. The square shape pendant encloses two forms, which seem like an abstract representation of a long-tailed hummingbird flying towards the flower of a coral plant. The reddish hued bud-like flower of the coral plant is represented by the pink sapphire, allowing you to distinguish between the two forms.

What's great about it

The Poesi Necklace is a delicate piece that will smoothly slip around your neck. You will forget that it is there, swaying with every movement of yours. You will look mysteriously beautiful, attracting the attention of those around you.

How to wear it

MaryLou pieces are made for mixing and matching with other ornaments. The subtleness of the Poesi Necklace ensures that it will go well with your other accessories. Pair it with the Mentha Gold Bracelet, Doodle Gold Earpins, and/or the Double Tiaré Ring in gold and set with red and white diamonds on your evening dress when you step out for a walk and make heads turn.

Why we love it

MaryLou jewellery pieces are not only unique for their handcrafted designs but also for the way in which they are created from recycled gold/silver and ethically sourced gemstones. The pieces reflect a Scandinavian simplicity, something which makes you take a break and enjoy a moment of peace. The brand is extremely environment-conscious and the sapphire in the Poesi Necklace is, in fact, untreated and sourced from Madagascar with utmost concern for the handlers who process them. Mary Louise has indeed created timeless jewellery pieces that can be passed down to your future generations.

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