MARYLOUCode Necklace Gold, White Diamond

5.250 DKK


MaryLou’s Code Necklace in 14 karat gold with a 0.02 carat TW diamond is the perfect piece which connects jewellery with memories. Its exclusive pendant is carved with the customer’s own code. This makes the necklace remarkable and special.

  • 14k gold necklace
  • 0.02 carat TW diamond
  • Colours: White and gold
  • NB: The necklace cannot be exchanged when it has been carved with a personal code

What's the story

Jewellery designer, Marie-Louise, is the brain behind the MaryLou brand. Her intricately woven pieces showcase her experience and reputation in the field. Following the sweet hints and warm details, MaryLou pieces awaken something in us. The Code Necklace in gold is a piece to cherish. Falling into the category of personalised jewellery, this necklace can be embellished with any choice of letters, numbers, and diamonds. Made in 14 karat gold with a 0.02 carat TW diamond, the message is simple: play, code, and mould your piece!

What's great about it

The abstract shape of the pendant, glistening single diamond, and a personal code take the Code Necklace to the next level. It looks rustic and organic, yet stylish. For the creative, fashionable, and independent women, this piece is a top choice. The necklace will hang daintily around your neck. It is light with a noticeable pendant that carries your favourite number(s) or letter(s) on it. So, this necklace will always remain in your heart.

How to wear it

Diamonds and gold are an excellent combination. This makes the Code Necklace a universal piece to sport on any coloured outfit. It is gentle on your person and easy to wear. This necklace can be matched with any other accessory from the MaryLou Collection to complete the ensemble. When you wear this necklace with any hairstyle, apparel, or ornament, it will appeal to your admirers. Your unique choice of design for the pendant will make it beautiful.

Why we love it

Handcrafted from recycled gold/silver and ethically-sourced gemstones, each MaryLou piece is special. Designer Marie-Louise makes environment-friendly pieces of jewellery crafted with utmost care. Her handmade ornaments are a tribute to mother nature. By choosing a MaryLou piece, you will become a part of the designer’s beautiful initiative. You cannot go wrong with this Code Necklace in gold because this distinct and exquisite piece of jewellery can be passed on to your future generations. It is made with love and forwarded in love!

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