MARYLOUGold Pearl Necklace Gold, White Pearl

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The elegant Gold Pearl Necklace in gold is a part of the amazing Gold Lump Collection by MaryLou. The jewellery emphasizes the flowing forms of natural gold and pearls. The shape of each pearl is unique, and the sizes vary.

  • 18k gold necklace
  • Dimensions: Full length on pendant: approx. 35mm. Pearl width: approx. 15mm.
  • Colour: Gold, white.

What's the story

Designer and Jeweller Marie-Louise is behind the MaryLou Jewellery brand. Her sedulous nature is shown in the way she delicately handcrafts pieces for the collection. The pieces created by MaryLou are exquisite. Her favourites are the untreated gemstones and pearls, which she loves to work with. Curvy, flowing forms of precious metal and stones highlight their natural beauty, sophistication, and elegance. This elegant Gold Pearl Necklace in gold is no exception. since it is beautifully crafted from 18 karat gold. Thus, the Gold Lump Collection introduced by the brand makes us appreciate fashionable jewellery.

What's great about it

This Gold Pearl Necklace Gold symbolizes Scandinavian simplicity, with a hint of romanticism. It is a beautiful and fascinating piece that can be lightly worn around your neck.The classic golden chain and the natural, flowing shape of the pearl pendant make this necklace an alluring piece. Women who opt for MaryLou Jewellery are dreamers, filled with optimism and hope for a brighter future. Therefore, you will be the envy of other women when you wear this exquisite Gold Pearl Necklace in gold.

How to wear it

MaryLou pieces are designed to effortlessly mix and match with other ornaments.The necklace can be ideally worn with different outfits, be they business suits or light summer dresses. You can also combine the necklace with other pieces of jewellery, preferably without gemstones, to further emphasize your exclusive style. Whether used to mark special events or worn as an everyday fashion accessory, this elegant Gold Pearl Necklace Gold will forever be treasured.

Why we love it

We, at The Jewellery Room, love MaryLou Jewellery for their unique designs and exclusivity. The pieces are created from recycled gold, silver metals, and ethically sourced gemstones. Therefore, by choosing a MaryLou piece, you will become a part of the designer’s beautiful initiative to give back to the environment. We love the feeling of peace inspired by the Gold Lump Collection. It adds a touch of mystery and sensuousness to the woman who wears this beautiful piece of jewellery. The fascinating Gold Pearl Necklace Gold will be cherished forever by the woman who wears it. It is a unique piece of jewellery to own.

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