MARYLOUTiaré Creol Earring Big Gold, Orange Rubies, Pink Sapphire

3.800 DKK


This stylish Tiaré Creol Earring from MaryLou is made of 18-karat gold. It is embellished with one ruby and two sapphire gemstones.

  • 18k gold creol earring, sold as a single piece
  • 1 purple ruby and 2 orange sapphires
  • Material thickness: 1 mm; Diameter on hoop: About 40mm
  • Colours: Gold, orange, and purple

What's the story

Marie-Louise Joensen is the creative visionary behind the MaryLou brand. She has a passion for mixing distinctive pieces to create her personal signature look. The big size Tiaré Creol 18-karat gold earring is handcrafted to form an unconventional-shaped hoop. It has a stunning purple-coloured ruby and two complementing orange-coloured sapphires in a neat bevel setting.

What's great about it

The lustrous ruby in the Tiaré Creol Earring is the centre of attraction. Rubies symbolise vitality. The fiery rich colour of rubies can warm your energy, and balance and strengthen it. The ruby is also the birthstone of July-born people. So, the Tiaré Creol Earring would make an excellent gift for women born in July. The sapphires used in this earring are untreated sapphires that were ethically sourced from Madagascar. Environmental awareness is a key aspect of Marie Louise’s design ethos and, in keeping with this motto, she has committed to planting a tree every time a coloured sapphire is incorporated in her jewellery pieces. Beyond this, MaryLou jewellery is mostly crafted from recycled gold of the stated purity. Therefore, women who purchase and wear MaryLou jewellery can have the satisfaction and fulfilment of knowing that they too are making a valuable and meaningful contribution to a greener planet.

How to wear it

The Tiaré Creol Earring, with its gold, orange, and purple colours, uplifts your look on any occasion. Sport it with any light-coloured bodycon dress to make heads turn. You can suitably pair this earring with a matching Double Tiaré Ring from the Tiaré Collection. Marie Louise promises that her designs will always carry a common thread, which enables you to mix and match accessories from across MaryLou collections.

Why we love it

Marie Louise believes that nature is the best provider for her ornaments. Each gemstone used in the Tiaré Creol Earring is carefully selected to ensure superior quality and colour. The Tiaré Creol collection epitomises exclusive Danish craftsmanship that renders a timeless appeal to the jewels. MaryLou is an up-and-coming brand based in Copenhagen, Denmark, which is exciting huge interest in the industry and among women who seek an intentional, environment-friendly range of jewellery, which is also aesthetically stunning.

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