MARYLOUFlower Power Earring Gold, Sapphires

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MaryLou presents the Flower Power Earring, which is crafted in 18-karat gold. The threader drop earring is set with a pink and a green sapphire.

  • 18k gold threader drop earring, sold as a single piece
  • Green and pink sapphires
  • Colour: Gold, green, pink

What's the story

In The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho writes how the universe conspires in helping you achieve your dreams. And in jewellery designer Marie-Louise’s case, the universe indeed conspired to help her through a family friend. For someone who always aspired to be a jeweller, Marie-Louise’s dreams took the right direction when she was introduced to the industry through a friend of her family. From there, one thing led to another and, today, she is the proud owner of the MaryLou brand. Her design aesthetics come across as highly influenced by the environment and its natural movements. Each MaryLou piece that is handcrafted by her are abstractions of natural elements like the plants, the waves, the sky, and the night. The Flower Power Earring, crafted in 18-karat gold, is an example of her design aesthetic. The threader drop earring resembles a flower blooming from a seed whose roots run deep into the ground. The threader of the earring is the root of the plant that goes through your pierced ear and dangles to rest on your shoulders. The pink sapphire is symbolic of the seed from which emerge the roots that propel its transformation into a flower, represented by the petalled blossom embedded with the green sapphire.

What's great about it

The abstractionist design of the earring epitomises how your personality blooms from your basic values. The delicate chain of the earring will dangle on your shoulders and sway with the gentle movements of your head. The earring will make you the centre of attention wherever you go.

How to wear it

The Flower Power earring is sold as a single piece, because one is enough to add a touch of playfulness to your looks. For formal occasions, you can wear a pair of these earrings and flaunt them with your chosen outfit. The earring can also be mixed and matched with other MaryLou pieces.

Why we love it

Each MaryLou piece is handcrafted from recycled gold/silver and ethically sourced gemstones and is, therefore, one of a kind. Marie-Louise, through each of her jewellery pieces, expresses her gratitude to the environment that sustains us. By choosing a MaryLou piece, you will not only become a part of the designer’s beautiful initiative, but also possess an exquisite piece of jewellery that can be passed down to future generations.

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