MARYLOUDoodle Earpins Gold, Sapphire & Spinel

6.200 DKK


This stylish pair of Doodle Earpins is a unique creation from MaryLou. Made from 14 karat gold, each of these earpins is set with a natural sapphire and a natural spinel gemstone.

  • 14k gold earpins
  • Each earpin has one sapphire and one natural spinel gemstone
  • Colour: Gold, pink

What's the story

MaryLou is the brainchild of Danish jewellery designer, Marie-Louise Joensen, famed for her unique, one-of-a-kind designs. Although all of her creations carry a common thread of design, no two designs are ever entirely similar. All MaryLou creations are designed and handcrafted by Marie-Louise. Most of MaryLou’s designs are abstract. Their asymmetric contours fire up the curiosity to see beyond the ordinary and reach deep into the sea of imagination to come up with sublime life connections.

What's great about it

As the name indicates, the Doodle Earpins mimic simple hand-drawn doodles with the sapphire and spinel gemstones at the top and the bottom of the earpins marking the start and end points of the doodle. The squiggly contours in the pair are also designed to be slightly different from each other. The Doodle Earpins are a fun addition to your look in that they are pretty, light, and relatable to everyday life. Reminiscent of friendship and creativity, these Doodle Earpins are evocative and easy to wear.

How to wear it

The quirky design of the Doodle Earpins makes it the right accessory for bold and independent women who like to push their boundaries and challenge their limits. Wear these earpins to work, with your hair tied up in a high ponytail, to exude confidence and charisma. Also perfect for school and college for a touch of fun. On a casual day out, match the Doodle Earpins with MaryLou Mentha Necklace to sport a stylish and chic look. You could also add on a Rebecca Ring to complete the ensemble.

Why we love it

The Jewellery Room loves MaryLou collections for their extraordinary creative genius and principled outlook. Marie-Louise Joensen is extremely conscious about the environment. She uses recycled gold to craft her jewellery. The precious stones that she uses in her creations are sourced ethically from Madagascar. You can rest assured that by being a MaryLou customer, you are also giving back to nature. MaryLou jewellery is designed to carry memories through generations. Is it not thrilling to think that you can buy this jewel now, bundle it up with memories as the years roll by till it becomes a veritable family heirloom.

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