MARYLOUStrawberry Field Earring Gold, White Pearl

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MaryLou presents the Strawberry Field Earring, a piece delicately crafted in 14 karat gold. The earring is set with a freshwater white pearl of the baroque pattern.

  • 14k gold earring, sold as a single piece
  • 1 baroque freshwater white pearl
  • Colours: Gold, white

What's the story

Marie-Louise, the creative mind behind the MaryLou brand, had always aspired to be a jeweller. She was initiated into the field of jewellery design by a friend of her family during her school years. She later fortified the basics that she learnt from this friend through formal education. Each of her pieces are handcrafted and therefore, are signature pieces. An environmentally-conscious person, Marie-Louise uses recycled gold/silver and ethically farmed gemstones for her pieces. Her love for the environment is evident in her design aesthetics for her jewellery appear to be inspired by the elements of nature, be they plants, sky, or the oceans. The Strawberry Field Earring, for instance, is her visualization of a juicy strawberry hanging from its stalk. The stalk is crafted in 14 karat gold, with flowers that resemble strawberry blooms. The strawberry is represented by the baroque freshwater pearl that seems to naturally grow from the stalk. The strawberry-bearing stalk is hung on a gold hook. Baroque freshwater pearls vary in size and shape. Therefore, each earring of the Strawberry Field pattern is unique in character.

What's great about it

Pearls are believed to be associated with femininity, patience, and wisdom, while, culturally, strawberries signify perfection of spirit. This Strawberry Field Earring is an ode to your womanhood. The earring dangles from your shoulders and sways with the movement of your head, essentially becoming a part of you.

How to wear it

The earring is sold as a single piece, which adds to its versatility. Women who love to display their playful side can wear it as a statement piece, which would be perfect on a fun outing with friends. Women who would like to sport it with their office wear, can buy two of these earrings and pair them with the MaryLou Gold Pearl Necklace for an elegant and subtle look.

Why we love it

MaryLou pieces are for the dreamers, for the brand is the sweet culmination of jeweller Marie-Louise’s aspirations. They are pieces for modern women who cherish their connection to nature and wish to express their gratitude to the environment through the conscious use of its resources. So, if you are someone who appreciates the value of a moment of silence—of Zen— in this hectic world, MaryLou Jewellery is the ultimate choice for you.

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