MARYLOUOcean Hoops Gold, White Pearls

6.400 DKK


The Ocean Hoops earrings are raw beauties from MaryLou. They are made of 18 karat yellow gold and strung with one big and six small Tahitian white pearls.

  • 14k yellow gold ear hoops
  • Each hoop carries one big and six small Tahitian white pearls
  • Thickness of hoop: 1mm
  • Diameter of hoop: 38mm
  • Total length: 71mm
  • Colour: White, gold

What's the story

The unique and eye-catching designs from brand MaryLou are the handiwork of Danish jewellery designer, Marie Louise. This designer personally designs and hand crafts all her creations. She ensures that each of her pieces have a unique story to tell. Uneven surfaces and irregular shapes serve as Marie Louise’s signature. The beauty of life is in its ups and downs. The “unevenness” in Marie Louise’s creations teaches us to marvel at life’s surprises and make wonderful memories as we go.

What's great about it

The Ocean Hoops derive their name from the hand-bent design, reminiscent of the ripples and surf created by the wind on the surface of the ocean. Hanging down from each hoop, like a water drop, is an exquisite white Tahitian pearl. Several miniature hoops, affixed with little balls of gold, hang in front of the pearl, spaced a little further away by small Tahitian white pearls that are strung on gold wire and twisted on to the hoop. The result is an impressive pair of earrings with an alluring movement created by the pearls and the tiny gold beads as you turn your head this way or that. The baroque Tahitian pearls used in these hoops are known for their naturally occurring irregular shape. The uneven surface of these pearls causes them to reflect light from various angles and optimises their lustre.

How to wear it

Hoops are joyful earrings that will always stay in fashion. They look beautiful with any outfit you choose to wear. On a bright, sunny day, wear them with a casual outfit, let your hair loose, and let the Ocean Hoops dangle from your ear with the pearls glistening in the sun. Or, on a quiet and romantic date night, let these hoops add magic to your allure.

Why we love it

We love the Ocean Hoops for their dangling pearls and gold balls that have a unique, attention-grabbing quality. We are proud to carry Marie Louise’s creations at The Jewellery Room. She uses recycled gold and ethically sourced pearls and gems, so, when we showcase these charming pieces of jewellery and when you buy them, we are participating in this designer’s initiative of preserving nature and protecting the environment.

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