Line&JoMiss Eugena Earring Gold

7.500 DKK


The distinguished Miss Eugena Earring Gold is handcrafted with 14 karat solid gold. This piece of jewellery introduces the Quilt Collection by Line&Jo, inspired by the soft shapes of textile materials. The price is indicated per single piece.

  • 14k polished solid gold earring, priced per piece
  • Length: 9.5cm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Line&Jo is a Danish brand that exhibits the future of the art of jewellery. The brand’s craftsmen have revolutionised our impression of conventional accessories and reinterpreted the concepts of traditional jewellery. They create audacious and modern, yet timeless designs which convey the independence of the contemporary woman. The Quilt Collection stuns from the first sight with its bold shapes, asymmetric looks, and how the designers interpret gemstones and precious metals. Inspired by the soft and moving patterns of the textile world, precious pieces from this collection embody the dynamic nature of a modern woman. This Miss Eugena Earring Gold, with its multitude of thin link chains which sway with each move of your head, features an ever-changing silhouette transmitting constant movement and volatility.

What's great about it

Like every piece of jewellery by Line&Jo, this distinctive Miss Eugena Earring Gold liberates the woman wearing it and accentuates her individuality. Symbolizing freedom from any restrictions and limits, the earring still holds the heritage of everlasting values. Therefore, when wearing this precious piece, you will be empowered to create your own, unique style and at the same time will be granted the feel of timeless beauty. Regardless of the outfit you choose to wear, this earring allows you to make a daring statement. This audacious piece of jewellery is captivating with its shape and the dynamic effect it creates makes you look modern, emphasises your magnetism, and visually extends the length of your neck.

How to wear it

With its elegant lines, the Miss Eugena Earring Gold creates the effect of never-ending motion. Its daring design will appeal to fashionistas who love to experiment with their appearance. If you have several piercings in your ear, the combination of this piece with other earrings will lift you to the heights of creativity and style. Nevertheless, even if worn alone, this stunning earring, with its fluid lines, will make you look extraordinary.

Why we love it

We admire the daring blend of strength and softness, modernity and traditional values, power and elegant beauty that mark the style and philosophy of the Line&Jo brand. Demonstrating liberty, independence, and strength, the Quilt Collection, has soft lines and moving shapes inspired by textiles, which not only appeals to modern women but makes them fall in love with this line of fine jewellery.

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