Line&JoMiss Ellywell Earring Gold

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The Miss Ellywell Earring comprises a hoop with two pendants. It is handcrafted in 14 karat, solid gold, and forms a part of the Fragment Collection from Line&Jo jewellers.

  • 14k solid gold earring, sold as a single
  • Earring with two pendants (cross and spire)
  • Pendant(s) length: 11mm and 28 mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Line&Jo reinterprets traditional Nordic aesthetics into powerful, timeless, and stylish jewellery. The brand was founded in 2007 by two goldsmiths, Line Hallberg and Jo Riis-Hansen. They are known for their asymmetric, strong, and bold designs to empower the independent women of this era. Miss Ellywell Earring has a classic, minimalistic look. Two pendants are hanging on a small hoop earring with a ball clasp. One pendant is a spire, inspired by the elegant Rosenborg castle, located in the baroque park, The King’s Garden in Copenhagen. The second pendant is in the shape of the revered Christian cross. For Line&Jo, it symbolises life, faith and the four corners of the world. The highly polished gold gives the piece its classic shimmer. Both pendants are masterfully crafted with precise lines and edges.

What's great about it

The edgy contours of the pendants will complement the 21st-century fashion sense of modern women. The 14 karat gold used to model this earring gives it a perfect balance between durability and the precious metal's natural sheen. The polished finish and the evocative, edgy design make it a hauntingly beautiful piece that is as stylish and current now as it will be in ten years. It is worth mentioning that the earring is made out of solid gold, ensuring this exclusive and expressive piece will last a lifetime.

How to wear it

The earring’s individualistic, understated style will match any contemporary look you choose to wear. The design will suit all face shapes and looks equally striking with both long and short hairstyles. You can wear it on its own, or mix-and-match it with other jewellery. It is sold as a single piece, but you can purchase two earrings for a more traditional look. The highly polished surface of the earring reflects light and adds shine to it, ensuring it will get noticed. The cross and spire move in rhythm as you walk. The classic gold provides versatility and will easily pair with a wide range of colours and accessories.

Why we love it

Line&Jo designs are bold, unique, and emotive. The quality of materials and impeccable craftsmanship transform their jewellery into investment pieces that could one day become heirlooms. Miss Ellywell Earring has a versatile, modern, edgy style and exhibits powerful, protective symbolism. It is crafted from quality materials that make it a truly exclusive jewellery piece.

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