Line&JoMiss Re Gold Diamond Sapphire Ring

8.800 DKK


The Miss Re Gold, Diamond, Sapphire Ring is mystically beautiful and packed with symbolic meaning. It is handcrafted in 14 karat solid gold with a polished finish and decorated with a total of 12 Top Wesselton, VS2 diamonds, and two bright blue sapphires. It belongs to the Ray of Eyes Collection from Line&Jo.

  • 14k solid gold ring
  • 12 x Top Wesselton, VS2 diamonds: 10x0.005ct., 2 x 0.01ct.
  • 2 x 0.02ct. bright blue sapphires
  • Height shield: 13mm
  • Ring band width: 1mm
  • Colours: Gold, white, blue

What's the story

Line&Jo was founded in 2007 by two goldsmiths, Line Hallberg and Jo Riis-Hansen. Their jewellery designs are strong and bold, and sometimes draw inspiration from esoteric mystical symbols. Their Ray of Eyes Collection draws its inspiration from the ancient symbol “all-seeing eye”, associated with power, fortune, and protection. The design of the Miss Re ring exudes unique mysticism while granting a sense of divine protection. The eye symbol is jewelled into a circular gold shield, bisected by the rim of the gold band. The beauty of the eye symbol is accentuated by the arrangement of diamonds and blue sapphires, where the diamonds shape the outline of the eye. One bright blue sapphire is set in the middle of the diamonds, like the pupil of the eye, while the second one is placed on the other side of the gold shield, effectively uniting both halves of the 14 karat gold ring.

What's great about it

The design of the ring embodies the fearless, feminine character, symbolising the courageous spirit of modern, independent women. Its elegance and charm lies in the combination of the sparkling gemstones and 14 karat gold. The high polished gold and twinkling precious stones add lightness to an otherwise somewhat sombre design, making it glitter and reflect light as you go about your day.

How to wear it

The classic colour combination of gold, white diamonds, and blue sapphires will look stunning with formal and informal outfits. The “all-seeing eye” symbol is often considered to bring good luck to the wearer, so do not be surprised if fortune suddenly favours you whenever you wear this ring.

Why we love it

The Miss Re ring from Line&Jo is bold, unique, and timeless. The precious metals, combined with the luxurious gemstones, ensure the quality of the piece. The traditional symbolism lends an extra layer of depth and meaning to the classy piece and transforms it into a potent token of protection with a mystical allure.

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