Libelula JewelleryGolden Hoops Gold, Pink

7.130 DKK


The Golden Hoops, Gold and Pink are sparkling, colourful earrings from Camilla Samuelsen’s Libelula jewellery with pink morganites set in 18 karat gold.

  • 18k Gold
  • Pink morganites
  • Colour: Gold, pink

What's the story

Libelula jewellery brand belongs to Camilla Samuelsen who made her foray into the world of designing ornaments in 2013. In 2014, she followed her small girl dream of creating a jewellery brand and founded Libelula Jewellery. It is the Spanish word for her favourite winged creature, the dragonfly. Camilla’s grandmother inspired her early interest in design and taught her love for good quality that can be used for generations. High quality is an important cornerstone in the brand’s DNA. Libelula is a Norwegian luxury jewellery brand that makes the most beautiful diamond jewellery in the highest quality. The Golden Hoops, from Norwegian luxury brand Libelula are, like the others in the collection, crafted out of 18 karat gold by qualified goldsmiths. Libelula is now represented in Copenhagen, Sweden, Paris and London and Camilla hopes to sell her jewellery in Milan, Barcelona and Amsterdam within the next few years.

What's great about it

The Golden Hoop earrings are minimalistic and timeless, cute little luxurious pieces that are designed to draw attention and set you apart. With a simple design, these enchanting pieces in 18 karat gold embellished with morganites that lend it their pink hue. Camilla loves these gemstones, which add a special magical touch to the luxurious jewellery. The classic jewellery is timeless in design, perfect for pampering yourself. Camilla explains that: “the everyday girl is my most inspiring client. The woman who has saved up to be able to buy a special piece of jewellery. I love the stories my clients tell me about why they decided to buy just that particular design.”

How to wear it

The Golden Hoops are stylish, luxurious pieces with a stunning combination of gemstones. Ideal stackable jewellery items, they can be worn with a range of other ornaments and a variety of outfits. The pink can go with dresses in most colours, except, perhaps, green. Wear them to work or as a fashion statement on a special occasion.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we love Libelula’s sparkling and feminine jewellery universe. Libelula Jewellery’s pieces are made from quality materials and certified gemstones, using 18 karat gold, diamonds, morganites, sapphires and more. All of Camilla’s jewellery is lovingly and carefully designed and made into beautiful and timeless pieces, to be cherished forever and passed down from generation to generation.

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