JOSINAGalaxy Earrings Rosegold, White Diamonds

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Simple and elegant, JOSINA’s Galaxy earrings, in 18 karat polished rose gold, are set with diamonds of a total weight of 0.18 carat that add to the glitter and luxurious appearance of the jewel.

  • 18k rose gold earrings
  • 0.18ct. TW white diamonds
  • Diameter: 11mm
  • Colour: Pink/Rose, white gold

What's the story

JOSINA is a new Danish jewellery brand owned by the designer, JOSINA Bergsøe. A tribute to beauty and life, it represents JOSINA’s triumph over adversity. The idea of designing her own brand of jewellery was born when she was fighting breast cancer. She believes her jewellery is the result of her new lease of life, the crystallisation of her “tribute to life, to love, to friendship, and not least, to beauty.” Her creations are crafted using a combination of both new and traditional techniques. JOSINA’s creative process involves hand drawings and 3D design combined with machine and hand tooling by the finest local craftsmen in northern Italy. Each Galaxy White Gold earring is 11 mm in diameter, with diamonds set in three round bezels that resemble heavenly orbs. These earrings are made of 18 karat white gold and embellished with beautiful white diamonds.

What's great about it

JOSINA Bergsøe creates jewellery with clean lines and technical precision. The pieces are minimalistic and timeless, yet luxurious and playful. The Galaxy White Gold earrings are adorable pieces that snuggle against your earlobe. The three clusters of dazzling diamonds in each earring give the piece an elegant finish that symbolises JOSINA’s approach to jewellery: "Everybody has a right to shine.”

How to wear it

The JOSINA Galaxy White Gold earrings are simple yet elegant and stylish. The combination of gold and diamonds lends it the versatility to suit any occasion and any attire, be they formal, casual, or anything in between. You can also experiment by wearing them with bracelets and necklaces from other JOSINA collections such as a Boo necklace and a Golden Gun bracelet.

Why we love it

JOSINA Bergsøe applies an uncompromising approach to the design and creation of her jewellery—a business philosophy we admire at The Jewellery Room. Good design is all about the details and JOSINA has a really good eye for them. When you invest in a piece of jewellery from JOSINA, you can be sure that it is of the highest quality. We also respect the fact that JOSINA ensures that every piece of jewellery from her brand conforms to ethical business practices and environmental norms.

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