JOSINADrip Drop single Earring Whitegold, White Diamonds

4.463 DKK


Josina presents an exquisite 18 karat polished white gold single earring with three rolo chains. It is set with 0.08 carats of glistening white diamonds.

  • 18k polished white gold
  • 0.08ct. white diamonds
  • Height: 5mm
  • Width: 12mm
  • Chain length: 3x55mm
  • Colour: Silver (white gold), white

What's the story

It is often adversity that makes the individual stronger. For Josina Bergsøe, it was her encounter with cancer that made her emerge formidable against the odds. It was also what kickstarted her journey into jewellery designing, culminating in her eponymous label, Josina. Josina Bergsøe strongly believes that everybody has a right to shine, and this reflects in her charming creations. Josina pieces are known for their multifunctional design, unexpected details, and interesting use of diamonds. This Drip Drop Single Earring, for instance, is an eye-catching piece made in 18 karat polished white gold. Shaped like a curved drop, the surface is completely covered with sparkling white diamonds of 0.08 carats in a pavé setting. The earring has three rolo chains that go from the front to the back of the earring and create a hanging loop pattern. This finely detailed earring is sold as a single, which allows the wearer to use it to express their personal style.

What's great about it

The Josina Drip Drop Earring will nestle softly on your ear, with its hanging loop swaying gently to the movement of your head. The diamonds set on the earring will add a touch of luxury to your look. The minimal design and technical precision of the earring, which are characteristic of all Josina pieces, will make heads turn in your direction.

How to wear it

The classic combination of white gold and diamonds is what makes the Drip Drop Earring a fluid piece that can be sported with any attire, formal or informal. All Josina pieces allow the wearer to create their own style. Go for two Drip Drop earrings with your formal wear - the clean design will accentuate your appearance. Or, get playful and opt for a trendy look when you are out for fun by pairing this earring with another of different length, like the Josina Rain Cloud Earring.

Why we love it

We love Josina jewellery for its high quality and exceptional craftsmanship. Each Josina piece is made in northern Italy, well known for its artisanship, quality gold of tested purity, and fine diamonds. Moreover, they are exclusively sold online to secure a sustainable approach. Don’t hesitate - go ahead and choose the Drip Drop Earring for your treasure chest.

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