JOSINAWow Earring Gold, White Diamonds

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The awe Inspiring Wow Earring from Josina Jewellery is handcrafted in 18 karat yellow gold and embellished with white diamonds in three different cuts of total weight 1.03 carats. The earrings are sold as pair.

  • 18k gold earring, sold as a single
  • 15x1.03ct. TW F VS1 marquise, princess and round cut diamonds
  • Height: 53mm
  • Width: 10mm
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

Josina Bergsøe’s designs are well-known throughout Denmark. Her hallmark jewellery is characterised by clean lines and technical precision, combining a playful and whimsical touch with timeless luxury and ecological sensitivity. Constantly developing new ideas and solutions through the beauty that she sees and experiences around her, Josina’s eponymous brand is a tribute to life born from her brush with cancer. With her keen eye for detail, this talented and committed designer offers diamond-studded jewellery crafted in Italy, with unexpected elements that allow you to create your own style.

What's great about it

The Wow Earring is set with a striking marquise cut diamond from which drop three shimmering chains interspaced with shining gold bars set with round brilliants and a princess cut diamond. Each slim chain ends with a bezel-set diamond. The earring is designed and composed to sway and mesmerise with your every movement and the glittering beauty of diamonds.

How to wear it

This earring from Josina Jewellery epitomises the wow-factor with its classic gold and white diamonds combination. Perfect for an evening out, or any occasion that calls for glamorous dressing-up, here is a piece of jewellery that will draw admiring attention with its fluid lines and impeccable workmanship. Eye-catching as a solo piece, you could double its wow-factor by wearing a pair of these beauties or mixing and matching with other superb earrings from across Josina’s collections.

Why we love it

Josina Bergsøe is a name to be reckoned with for her beautiful designs and uncompromising commitment to quality and sustainability. The Jewellery Room holds this brand in high regard for we understand that every piece from the Josina label originates from the belief that everyone has the right to shine and be beautiful. The Wow Earring, with its shining beauty, is no exception.

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