Hasla JewelrySingle Entity Necklace Yellow, Silver

1.080 DKK


The stunningly crafted Single Entity Necklace from Hasla’s Fusion Collection is a gorgeous addition to your ensemble. Fashioned from silver, this pretty necklace features an organically sculpted pendant with a green nano gem. Unique and impressive in its appeal, this necklace brings a delightful pop of colour to your style.

  • Silver necklace
  • Nano gemstone
  • Pendant Height: 17mm; Width:13mm
  • Chain length: 50cm
  • Colour: Silver, green

What's great about it

Jewellery by Hasla is influenced by the breathtaking landscape and natural surroundings of Valle in southern Norway. This Norwegian brand is headed by the Hasla sisters, Anne and Gunnhild, who have perfected the art of making jewellery that is more than something that sparkles and glitters. Halsa creates everyday luxury jewellery with organic forms inspired by nature and Pablo Piccaso’s cubism.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we place a premium on sustainable beauty. It is no wonder, then, that we love Hasla jewellery for their creative designs made from recycled silver and delivered in eco-friendly boxes. Combining the traditions of fine artisanship with the excitement and playfulness of art, the brand produces timeless jewellery that will always remain in vogue. Treat yourself to a piece of Hasla jewellery that you are sure to treasure and pass down to future generations.

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