Georg JensenOffspring Matte Ring Silver

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This beautiful ring from Georg Jensen is crafted in silver. Part of the Offspring Collection, the ring is available in six sizes.

  • Matte Silver ring
  • Width: 4,3mm
  • Available sizes: 1 (48-49), 2 (50-51), 3 (52-53), 4 (54-55), 5 (56-57), 6 (58-59)
  • Colour: Silver
  • What's the story

    Georg Jensen is a Danish heritage jewellery brand with more than 100 years of history behind it. Favoured by Danish royalty, the Georg Jensen brand is renowned for designs combining elegant craftsmanship with functionality and artistic aesthetics. Its Offspring Collection was launched in 2018 in collaboration with Jacqueline Rabun, an American designer known for her sculptural and organic designs. Georg Jensen's powerful Offspring Collection, comprising rings, necklaces, and bracelets, symbolise the true power and depth of relationships. The Offspring Ring is inspired by the fascinating and unbreakable bond between mother and child.

    What's great about it

    Designed by Jacqueline Rabun, the Offspring Ring is a vision of sculptural perfection. This is a piece that will certainly catch every eye. Sure to make you look and feel special, this ring will add to your image as a woman of excellent taste.

    How to wear it

    The beauty of the Offspring Ring lies in its unconventional shape and design that is delightfully organic and yet smoothly elegant. Perfect to celebrate the warmth of life, this ring is a welcome addition to all varieties of styles. It can also be dressed up by layering it with other matching pieces from the Offspring Collection or from across Georg Jensen’s fine creations.

    Why we love it

    Georg Jensen bears an iconic status in the realm of Scandinavian jewellery by virtue of its incredible skill to evolve with the times while maintaining perfection in each creation. The Offspring Collection, from one of the well-recognized names in modern jewellery design, Jacqueline Rabun, is a poetic range of modern jewellery with beautifully crafted rings, bracelets,and necklaces. We at The Jewellery Room love this gorgeous ring for its sculptural perfection and symbolic celebration of life’s most precious joys.

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