Georg JensenMercy Necklace with pendant 15,3 mm, 45 cm. Gold

8.900 DKK


A classy creation from the Georg Jensen Mercy Collection, this beautiful necklace is modelled in 18 karat gold, with a 45cm long gold chain carrying a 15.3mm gold pendant.

  • 18k gold chain
  • Length of chain: 45cm
  • Pendant: 15.3mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Georg Jensen, a silversmith who came from humble beginnings, went on to establish a renowned brand that has a proud history of more than 100 years of distinguished Danish craftsmanship and design artistry. Based in Copenhagen, Georg Jensen’s jewellery Collections are internationally acclaimed for their iconic designs. The Mercy Collection is designed by Jacqueline Rabun, whose organic nature-inspired pieces are not only aesthetically pleasing but thought-provoking too. The delicate 18 karat gold chain beautifully carries a fluid, smooth and sensuous gold pendant. The universal concept of the cycle of life is represented in the circular shaped pendant, with its smooth lines and organic design. The incomplete shape, where the two ends are just short of fusing into one, is inspired by the natural flow of life and the steady passage of time. The gap left between the two ends is open to interpretation, a space for reflection.

What's great about it

The Mercy gold necklace is minimalist, yet sophisticated - a contemporary piece that resonates with women who have their own sense of individual style. Understated and tastefully elegant, the necklace can be worn as an everyday accessory, complementing any outfit, or on a special occasion. The premium quality materials and craftsmanship give a feeling of luxury to the women who wear the necklace.

How to wear it

The absence of any edges in the pendant of the Mercy necklace renders a soft, smooth feel, while the delicate links of the fine 18 karat gold chain sit lightly and comfortably around the wearer’s neck. The length of the chain can be shortened, using the loops to adjust for personal preference. The necklace is a part of a collection of complementary pieces that can be worn together, or as a unique piece on its own, for classic simplicity.

Why we love it

In the Mercy Collection, Georg Jensen collaborated with the talented and acclaimed designer, Jaqueline Rabun, to combine their long tradition of Danish craftsmanship with her contemporary designs to create sought after iconic jewellery. Every piece embodies the spirit of the designer who wants her jewellery to evoke an emotional and thoughtful response. She does not perceive her jewellery simply as objects of design, but as pieces that tell a story and reflect the beauty and style of the women who wear them.

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