Georg JensenFusion Earrings Gold

7.975 DKK


The Fusion Earrings, from Georg Jensen’s Fusion Collection, are a pair of chic hoops delicately crafted from 18 karat yellow gold. Inspired by Georg Jensen designer Nina Koppel’s original Fusion concept, the earrings have a circumference of 5mm and a diameter of 13.5mm.

  • 18k yellow gold earrings
  • Size: Ø 13.5mm,
  • Circumference width: 5mm
  • Colour: Yellow Gold

What's the story

The century old Danish heritage brand, Georg Jensen, is famous for its associations with some of the best metalsmiths and jewellery designers in the world. The Fusion Collection was born out of one such partnership. During her stint at Georg Jensen in the 1980s, textile and jewellery designer Nina Koppel created the first Fusion rings. Intricately designed pieces, the rings were unique for their interlocking feature: different pieces could be combined in endless ways, allowing the wearers to reflect their individuality. The Fusion Collection represents our human nature of celebrating love, success, and memories. The current iteration of the collection has expanded to include pendants, bangles, and earrings, symbolising a growing family, one which unfolds new chapters of love in one’s life.

What's great about it

The organic design of the earrings adds a dash of sophistication to your appearance. The intricate cut out design reflects the light that falls on it to give you a striking appearance. The Georg Jensen Fusion Earrings in gold will be the perfect jewellery for you.

How to wear it

This trendy pair will add a touch of elegance to your formal outfits and a trace of playfulness to your casual attire. The Fusion earrings can be sported solo or matched with other accessories. But, as the name suggests, the Fusion pieces were created for intermingling. So, we recommend pairing these earrings with the Fusion Open Pendant Necklace, the Fusion Open Bangle, and the Fusion Yellow Gold End Ring. Or, if you love experimenting, interlock the earrings and anchor them to a yellow gold chain to create your own unique piece of jewellery.

Why we love it

The Fusion Collection represents dynamism, the phenomenon underlying change. Pieces from the collection are for you, the one who is continuously evolving with every experience in life. So, come and narrate your story through the exquisiteness that is the Fusion Collection.

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