EngelbertPetit Sign Taurus Necklace Whitegold, White Diamonds

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This unique Petit Sign Taurus (April 20 - May 20) necklace is set in 18 karat white gold with a 0.07 carat pendant of the zodiac sign, Taurus. The pendant consists of brilliant cut white diamonds.

  • 18k white gold chain and a pendant shaped in the Taurus zodiac sign
  • 0.07ct. TW.VS brilliant cut, white diamonds
  • Adjustable chain length of 40+4cm
  • Colour: Silver (white gold) and white

What's the story

The House of Engelbert has been in the jewellery business for generations. With its experienced goldsmiths and gem setters, Engelbert Stockholm provides us with another classic piece, the charming Petit Sign Taurus necklace. The necklace is timeless and adds elegance and chic to its wearer. Intended for women born between April 20 and May 20, the necklace consists of a white 18 karat gold chain and a 0.07 carat white diamonds Taurus pendant. The beautiful, light gold chain can be conveniently extended by 4cm to suit the wearer’s preference for length.

What's great about it

Women with the star sign Taurus love luxury, comfort, and independence and will cherish this classic piece of jewellery. The Petit Sign Taurus Necklace is the perfect fit for a Taurus woman, as its distinctive and admirable craftsmanship makes it a must-have for all occasions. The feather-like white gold chain with its dazzling pendant of total weight 0.07 carat diamonds provides a woman with ease of use, confidence, and satisfaction wherever she goes. For the creative and ambitious Taurus woman, this necklace is the perfect gift!

How to wear it

The Petit Sign Taurus necklace is elegant, contemporary, and comfortable. Its fashionable design is suitable for every occasion and for all kinds of apparel. Regardless of any commitment you may have for the day, this beautiful necklace will sit comfortably on your neck and enhance your appearance. Pair it with a sparkling ring or a pair of earrings from our white gold collection for a sophisticated look, or just sport it solo to flaunt simplicity. Worn in any way, this necklace will highlight your features and accentuate your appearance.

Why we love it

Engelbert Jewellery’s uniqueness of design is the reason we highly recommend this artistic Petit Sign Taurus Necklace to you. Handcrafted by talented creators at Engelbert, this Petit Sign Taurus necklace will match your character and spirit: the reason we all love Engelbert pieces. The Petit Sign Taurus necklace is perfect for any woman, especially those born under the zodiac sign, Taurus. A woman can never go wrong with this beautiful Petit Sign Taurus Necklace. You will feel confident and look phenomenal every time you wear it.

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