EngelbertPetit Sign Leo Necklace Whitegold, White Diamonds

5.160 DKK


The Petit Sign Leo (July 23 - August 22) Necklace is a product of Engelbert Stockholm and is designed to complement the fierce, strong, and energetic personality of the Leo woman. This charming necklace is composed of a slender 18 karat white gold chain that holds an exquisite pendant crafted in the shape of the Leo Sun sign and set with 0.07carat diamonds.

  • 18k white gold chain and a pendant shaped in the Leo zodiac sign
  • 0.07ct. TW.VS brilliant cut, white diamonds
  • Adjustable chain length of 40+4cm
  • Colour: Silver (white gold) and white

What's the story

The beauty of the Leo zodiac symbol lies in its curves. The circle and curve of the Leo glyph, which represent the head, mane, and spine of a lion, are beautifully portrayed in the Petit Sign Leo Necklace. The goldsmiths and gem setters of Engelbert Stockholm display their exquisite craftsmanship in this outstanding creation. The perfection and smoothness of the curves in the pendant enhance the aesthetic appeal of this necklace.

What's great about it

As with all jewellery created by Engelbert Stockholm, the Petit Sign Leo Necklace speaks of quality and finesse. If you are a Leo lady or have a special someone who is, the immaculate representation of the glyph and the neat arrangement of the diamonds will make this necklace a perfect gift for yourself or your friend. The white gold chain adds class to the white diamond pendant, making the necklace look sophisticated and luxurious. Leo women love compliments. The Petit Sign Leo Necklace will earn the Leo woman the appreciation and admiration that she desires. With this ornament gracing her neck, she will turn heads in any gathering.

How to wear it

Wear the Petit Sign Leo necklace to add a touch of glamor to your everyday look. Wear it to work to showcase your confidence and poise. The understated luxury of this necklace also makes it the right accessory for formal office events as well as cocktail evenings. The perfect mix of elegance and style in this necklace will highlight any outfit you choose to accessorise with it.

Why we love it

We love the Petit Sign Leo Necklace for its charm and richness. We also love the expert craftsmanship that has gone into creating this wonderful piece of jewellery. If you love yourself and are comfortable in your skin, we recommend that you add it to your collection without delay. We assure you that it will soon become your first choice for a stylish look!

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