EngelbertPetit Sign Sagittarius Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

4.140 DKK


The Petit Sign Sagittarius Necklace (November 23 - December 21) is specially designed for the free-spirited and charismatic Sagittarius woman. This personalised zodiac sign necklace, crafted by Engelbert Jewellers, consists of a delicate

  • 18 karat gold chain and a sparkling 0.05 carat white diamond pendant designed in the shape of the Sagittarius Sun sign.
  • 18k gold chain and a pendant styled with diamonds in the Sagittarius zodiac sign
  • 14 brilliant cut white diamonds weighing 0.05ct. TW.VS
  • Adjustable chain length of 40+4cm
  • Colour: Yellow gold and white

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm, who are renowned for their contemporary and classy designs, are the wonder workers behind this dazzling Petit Sign Sagittarius Necklace. The talent and attention to detail of the craftsmen at Engelbert are obvious in this ornament and imbue it with a unique beauty. The diamonds in the pendant have been accurately aligned to represent the Sagittarius Fire sign. True to the nature of the Sagittarius woman, this necklace brims with positivity and charm.

What's great about it

Sagittarius women are known to be adventurous, sincere, and charming. The Petit Sign Sagittarius Necklace complements these character traits of women born between 22 November and 21 December. The upward pointing arrow of the Sagittarius Sun sign is beautifully brought out in the pendant to represent the strong, confident, and independent nature of the Sagittarius woman. The pendant in this necklace is different from the others in this collection. It is held in place with links on either side, attached to the slim 18k gold chain crafted to show off the design and rest comfortably around the neck.

How to wear it

The Petit Sign Sagittarius Necklace brings you the right combination of elegance and luxury. The uncluttered design of the pendant, paired with a simple, yet classic chain makes it entirely suitable for everyday wear or even for a formal occasion. Be it a business formals or smart casuals, tunics or even dressier evening attire, this necklace will add charm to your look. On a bright, sunny day, wear this necklace with a beautiful floral sundress or chic crop top to complete your look for a casual outing.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we love the magical elegance of this simple, yet delightful piece of jewellery. We also love the understated luxury that this unique ornament spells. If you are a person who loves to flaunt your Sun sign, there is no better way to do it than by sporting the Petit Sign Sagittarius Necklace. Wear this necklace and let it reflect your confident and independent persona wherever you are.

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