EngelbertPetit Sign Pisces Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

4.650 DKK

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This Petit Sign Pisces necklace (February 19 - March 20), from the Engelbert star-sign collection, is elegantly styled in 18 karat gold and diamonds.

  • 18k gold chain and pendant styled with diamonds in the Pisces star sign
  • 0.06ct. TW.TS diamonds
  • Adjustable chain length: 40+4cm
  • Colour: Gold, white

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm, the most traditional jewellery makers, are back with yet another timeless piece: Petit Sign Pisces necklace. Intended for women with birth dates between the month of February and March, this contemporary necklace is set with f brilliant cut diamonds weighing 0.06 carats in total. It also has an additional chain length of 4cm. This elegant piece of jewellery introduces classic traditions in modern interpretation.

What's great about it

The Petit Sign Pisces necklace stands out for its sparkling Pisces sign pendant. The traditional and classic shape of the golden chain along with the shining pendant set with white diamonds highlight the wearer’s features. This Pisces necklace is a symbol of compassion and femininity. Any woman with this star sign will love to flaunt it. As a whole, the gold chain with the bright pendant makes the necklace a statement of style and gracefulness. The house of Engelbert holds pride in their profession and provides greater attention to details. This necklace is a perfect example of the everlasting values that each of their designs carry.

How to wear it

The Petit Sign Pisces necklace is sophisticated, but at the same time exceptionally simple and light. A modern yet conventional piece, this necklace is suitable for daily wear, party wear, or even work wear. The pendant, Pisces sign, stands out with its radiant white diamonds making it the ideal match for any type of dress/outfit. This petite necklace is suitable to be worn along with other necklaces and pieces of jewellery on your person. Wear this with a set of other necklaces/chains and find it to be the right fit for all occasions.

Why we love it

We adore the understated luxury of this Engelbert necklace. The beautiful Petit Sign Pisces necklace with its 0.06 carat brilliant cut diamonds and 18 karat gold is a definite fashion statement, and we love it for its striking and impressive design. It attracts attention without being too pretentious. An added advantage is its adjustable chain allowing you to increase or decrease its length. We can guarantee that you will feel special when wearing this pretty necklace as every piece of Engelbert jewellery promises uniqueness of design carefully crafted with precision and professionalism.

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