EngelbertPetit Sign Cancer Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

5.450 DKK


Handcrafted by Engelbert Stockholm, this artistically fashioned necklace consists of an eye catching Cancer zodiac sign pendant (June 21 - July 22), attached to a short chain. The pendant is crafted of white, brilliant cut diamonds, while the short chain is made of 18 karat yellow gold.

  • 18 karat gold chain and a pendant shaped in the Cancer zodiac sign
  • 0.09ct. VW.VS brilliant cut, white diamonds
  • Adjustable chain length of 40+4cm
  • Colour: Yellow gold and white

What's the story

This charming necklace has been crafted by the Swedish jewellers, Engelbert Stockholm. The petit sign collection of necklaces showcases the Engelbert craftsmanship of the highest order. The dazzle and shine of the round brilliant diamonds used in the pendant are sure to enhance your allure and attract the attention of anyone who looks your way. The fluid arrangement of the diamonds that form a perfect Cancer sign is designed to capture the heart of every woman of this Zodiac sign. This lovely ornament that perfectly depicts the Water sign will become a treasured piece of jewellery for the true Cancer woman, who is, by nature, a caring and nurturing person who exudes warmth.

What's great about it

The exquisite play of brilliant cut white diamonds set in yellow gold renders this necklace a unique and classy piece of jewellery. Serene and harmonious, nurturing and loving—that is the Cancer woman, born 21 June to 22 July, for you. This makes the Petit Sign Cancer Necklace, standing for all the characteristics of this zodiac sign, the perfect piece of jewellery for her. The simple and eye catching design, together with the fine craftsmanship distinguish this necklace with its smooth curves and the artistic arrangement of the diamonds. The result is a pendant that sports a warm yet sophisticated look that is bound to attract the Cancer woman who leans towards stylishly comfortable jewellery.

How to wear it

A Cancer woman will shine with this zodiac necklace paired with formal as well as business and casual attire. Add a fashionable twist to any outfit with this charming piece symbolising your Sun sign. Dress up your formal evening dress with this alluring pendant, or make a subtle statement when you wear it for work or play. A classic and versatile piece of jewellery indeed.

Why we love it

The subtle charm of the Petit Sign Cancer Necklace is what we love about this jewellery. This is also our selection for its classic design and the intricate and expert craftsmanship invested in creating this ornament. A fine example of Engelbert jewellery, this necklace stands true to the brands impeccable quality standards, which is why we recommend that you add this timeless treasure to your jewellery collection. You are sure to find yourself reaching for it very frequently.

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