EngelbertLove Letter Y Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

5.475 DKK


This necklace from the Engelbert Love Letter collection is a charming piece fashioned from 18 karat yellow gold. The pendant in the form of the letter Y, is set with brilliant-cut white diamonds elegantly arranged on the wider arm of the letter.

  • 18k gold link-chain and classic letter Y pendant
  • 4 brilliant-cut white diamonds of 0.05ct. TW.VS
  • Length of chain: 42-47cm
  • Thickness of chain: 1mm
  • Colour: Yellow gold, white

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm, an enterprise of the Engelbert family of Sweden, is famous for its aesthetically designed timeless jewellery. Experienced designer, Thomas Carlsson, is the genius behind Engelbert’s magical pieces since the last three decades. The Love Letter collection from Engelbert is one of his finest creations. Engelbert’s Love Letter collection has the letters of the alphabet composed in gold and brilliant-cut diamonds. This delicate Love Letter necklace has a pendant in the shape of the letter Y anchored to a 1mm thick, 42-47 cm long chain. Both the chain and pendant are made of 18 karat yellow gold, but the pendant is embellished with four white diamonds which have a total weight of 0.05 carat.

What's great about it

Your vibrant personality will shine in the soft glow of this white and gold Love Letter Y necklace, which makes the perky girl look graceful and the mature woman look younger than her age.

How to wear it

Engelbert’s jewellery is famous for transcending the boundaries of formality. This unique quality makes the Love Letter Y necklace an apt accessory for the office or outside of it. Make a power statement by wearing this Love Letter Y necklace to a business meeting. You can also complement it with a yellow gold wristwatch. Make heads turn when you step on the dance floor as this necklace will radiate your energy and attract attention.

Why we love it

If the letter Y holds a special significance for you, be it as your initial or as the initial of a loved one, the Jewellery Room strongly recommends the Engelbert Love Letter Y necklace to you. It is one of a kind because it embraces different personalities. Engelbert combines the brand’s Swedish heritage with a modern style to craft jewellery that has universal significance.The jewellery from Engelbert reflects both traditional and contemporary times. Engelbert exercises strict quality control measures with the materials it uses to craft its jewellery. The brand ensures it meets ethical manufacturing standards because it sources diamonds under the Kimberley Process, ensuring that they are conflict-free.

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