EngelbertLove Letter V Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

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Love Letter V necklace is one of Engelbert's precious pieces set in18 karat yellow gold. This necklace is embellished with brilliant-cut white diamonds

  • 18k gold link-chain and classic letter V pendant
  • 3 brilliant-cut white diamonds of 0.04ct. TW.VS
  • Length of chain: 42-47cm
  • Thickness of chain: 1mm
  • Colour: Yellow gold, white

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm jewellery pieces are known for their exquisite craftsmanship and appealing Swedish designs. The Love Letter Collection from Engelbert combines style and the wearer’s personal values in a unique and meaningful way. One of the extraordinary pieces of this collection is the Love Letter V necklace, beautifully set in an 18 karat yellow gold chain. The stylish design of the V pendant adorned with 3 fine-cut white diamonds of 0.04 carat weight, accentuates the beauty of this necklace to win the hearts of onlookers in an instant. Also, the length of the necklace is 42-47 cm, making it suitable for women of all ages. The yellow-gold chain of 1 mm thickness sits lightly around the wearer’s neck while enhancing her appearance.

What's great about it

The Love Letter V necklace brings to you the thrill of wearing your personalised pendant. The pendant with the alphabet V glimmers with its 3 brilliant-cut diamonds. People with the first letter of their names as V are strong, loyal, and determined. This Love Letter V necklace with its gold and white colours is not only a perfect fit for all outfits but it also suits the self-reliant, confident, and bold woman in you!

How to wear it

Be it bright-coloured and trendy or sublime and graceful, this Love Letter V necklace can be worn with all types of dresses for different occasions. The necklace could easily become a part of your everyday look. Pair it with an elegant bracelet, wristwatch, or one-stud earrings to flaunt style and finesse. No matter how it is worn, this necklace gives the wearer a distinctive look which will make you fall in love with it every time you wear it.

Why we love it

Like your initials, this Love Letter V necklace will remain yours forever. This piece is an example of Engelbert’s conventional values added to an ultra-modern design. You can never go wrong with this timeless Love Letter V necklace. Its 0.04 carat white diamonds are acquired in accordance with the Kimberley Process. This means that the diamonds are conflict-free and make the necklace unique to the owner!

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