EngelbertLove Letter S Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

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This charming Engelbert Love Letter S necklace, designed from 18 karat yellow gold has an attractive alphabet S pendant. Its beauty is enhanced by white diamonds, having a total weight of 0.03 carat, and brilliant cut patterns of varying sizes elegantly placed along the s-curve.

  • 18k gold link-chain and a letter S pendant
  • 5 brilliant cut white diamonds of 0.03ct. TW.VS
  • Length of chain: 42-47cm
  • Thickness of chain: 1mm
  • Colour: Yellow gold, white

What's the story

Engelbert Stockholm is a jewellery brand with a 100-year old legacy. It is managed by the Engelbert family of Sweden. Thomas Carlsson, associated with the brand since the past thirty years, is the brain behind the fantastic pieces from Engelbert. Engelbert’s designs are a perfect combination of classic and modern styles. The Love Letter collection is a statement about individual panache depicted through the English letter pendants. The Love Letter S necklace from this collection is fashioned from 18 karat yellow gold and is a combination of a 42-47 cm, 1 mm thick anchor chain, and a pendant in the form of the letter S. The white diamonds inlaid in the pendant intensify its organic curved shape. The brilliant cut diamonds weigh a total of 0.03 carat.

What's great about it

Engelbert jewellery pieces are famous for their timeless beauty, and this Love Letter S necklace is no different! It will make you glow in its radiance and look flawless. Wear it on special occasions or daily, to command people’s attention.

How to wear it

The Love Letter S necklace is perfect for use at home or at the office. You can also wear it on special occasions. It will make a statement whether it is sported solo or in combination with other accessories like bracelets and earrings.

Why we love it

This is a perfect piece to celebrate yourself. Wearing a necklace with a pendant with the initial V hints at your playful nature. Gift it to a loved one and know that the giver and the gift will both be cherished forever. Women are in awe of Engelbert jewellery pieces and their designers’ creative use of materials of the highest quality. Engelbert sources its diamonds under the Kimberley Process, which ensures that these diamonds are conflict free. Engelbert jewellery is indeed art with a soul. Engelbert gracefully merges the past and the present. Their pieces, presented in a design that is in vogue, reflect their Swedish roots. The Love Letter S necklace is truly a traditional piece with a trendy twist.

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