EngelbertLove Letter H Necklace Gold, White Diamonds

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The Love Letter H Necklace is designed by Engelbert Jewellers, who are one of the world’s renowned jewellery designers. This elegant and stylish piece of jewellery consists of a diamond-fitted H pendant, anchored to an 18 karat yellow gold chain. The pendant contains eight brilliant cut diamonds, weighing a total of 0.08 carat.

  • 18k gold link-chain and a classic letter H pendant
  • 8 brilliant cut white diamonds of 0.08ct. TW.VS
  • Length of chain: 42-47cm
  • Thickness of chain: 1mm
  • Colour: Yellow gold, white

What's the story

The Engelbert Love Letter Collection, designed by Thomas Carlsson, bears the bold and prominent mark of quality and style that is guaranteed in every creation of Engelbert Jewellers. Their 100 years of experience in jewellery design is evident in the flawless and mesmerising beauty of their jewellery. The Love Letter H pendant is sure to steal your heart the minute you set your eyes on it. The sharp and stylish lines used in designing the pendant makes it stand out in a unique manner. The two neat lines of four white diamonds each are connected by a smooth gold line to form the H shape which gives the pendant a neat and clutter-free look. The bold-style of the letter bears sharp contrast to the delicate and lightweight chain on which it hangs. Such a design adds to its uniqueness and classy look.

What's great about it

Women who wear their initials as jewellery are perceived to be bold, confident, and entirely capable of handling their life independently. Thomas Carlsson, the designer of this magnificent piece of jewellery, seems to have had this idea in mind while designing the necklace. Undoubtedly, this necklace shines with confidence and elegance. The neat arrangement of the diamonds in the pendant provides a sophisticated look to the necklace, while the slightly slanting angle at which the letter hangs gives the jewel a feminine and stylish look.

How to wear it

The outstanding mix of tradition and class carried by the Love Letter H Necklace allows it to complement any kind of outfit beautifully. Wear this necklace with formal outfits to underscore your confidence and determination. Alternatively, combine it with other long-chain necklaces when you want to stand out in a crowd at social gatherings.

Why we love it

The Love Letter H Necklace provides a personalized element that will make you fall in love with it instantly. We particularly love the aura of class and style brought to the wearer by this necklace. We also love the understated luxury that is a characteristic feature of the Love Letter H Necklace.

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