Dulong Fine JewelryPacific ring Silver, Grey Pearl

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The Pacific Ring in silver with cabochon cut black Tahitian pearl is an exquisite piece of jewellery from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

  • Silver ring
  • Cabochon cut Tahiti pearl
  • Colours: Grey, black

What's the story

The beautiful Pacific Ring with the exotic Tahitian Pearl from Dulong Fine Jewelry collection is designed by Anja Camilla Alajdi and Marianne Dulong. Marianne Dulong describes the collection as “Personal jewellery, Forever Now”. Launched in 2005, is one of the most exclusive jewellery brands in Denmark today. Their ring collection portrays the power and movement of nature. This Pacific Ring in silver has a beautiful black Tahiti pearl, also called ”Queen of the night”, and among the most exclusive pearls. The cabochon cut brings out the natural colours and patterns of the pearl. Hand-picked and unique, it may vary slightly in size and colour.

What's great about it

What makes this silver ring special is the black Tahitian pearl which, unlike the more common pearl types, typically has a naturally dark body colour. It is called the “Queen of the Night” because it is famous for glowing in the dark. Among the most sought-after, expensive pearls in the world, the Tahitian pearl makes this exclusive ring stand out and suits perfectly the calm, compose woman.

How to wear it

The Pacific Ring with Tahitian Pearl is a definite statement piece suits any attire. The silver ring and the black pearl also go well with a wide range of colours. It can best be worn with the other jewellery from this collection. Dulong Fine Jewelry stands for classic, timeless and glamorous Jewellery crafted in Denmark. With a strong heritage in danish craftsmanship every piece resembles sophistication and precision. Created to capture the spirit of women and the essence of Forever Now. Unique hand-fillet surfaces and a simplistic visual movement mark the core design identity of their precious pieces. A word of caution: Pearls are organic and can be harmed by contact with many chemicals found in household cleaners, perfumes, cosmetics and hair care products of all kinds.

Why we love it

Through the years, Dulong Fine Jewelry brand has maintained a harmonic balance between the classic, raw and glamorous character of their designs. In that way, they appeal to fashionistas who are not afraid to stand out from the crowd, but who also do not wish to compromise on neither quality nor exclusivity.

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