Dulong Fine JewelrySmall Pacific ring Gold, Grey Moonstone

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The Small Pacific Ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry is handmade in 18 karat yellow gold. It features a delicate, cabochon cut, opaque grey moonstone. The cabochon cut brings out the natural patterns and colour of the stone. The design is contemporary, with a single stone set on a simple, narrow band with the distinguishing felt-surface finish that expresses traditional simplicity.

  • 18k yellow gold ring
  • 1 cabochon cut grey moonstone
  • Available sizes: 47-59
  • Colour: Gold, grey

What's the story

Dulong Fine Jewelry brand was started in 2005 by the goldsmith-designer team Anja Camilla Alajdi and Marianne Dulong, who create captivating jewellery pieces. They are both committed to quality and excellent craftsmanship that reflects harmony between the raw and glamorous character of their designs. Determined to uphold their mission statement, “Personal Jewelry, Forever Now”, Dulong and Alajdi handpick the finest materials, most exclusive stones, and the best artisans for their elite brand. The Pacific Collection from Dulong is created for today's fashion-conscious, independent, modern woman who values style, elegance and luxury.

What's great about it

Dulong Fine Jewelry’s Small Pacific Ring in 18 karat yellow gold is set with a shimmering, cabochon cut, opaque moonstone. The moon-like sheen of the moonstone with its soft, watery opaqueness and delicate blue-grey hue radiates healing energy that is naturally irresistible. This pretty ring from Dulong has earthy energy that will appeal to the confident, modern woman who seeks elegant, edgy and eye-catching fine jewellery.

How to wear it

The Pacific Ring, set with a grey moonstone in an uncluttered and traditional solitaire design, can become one of your favourite pieces for everyday wear. The beautiful grey-blue shades of the stone will compliment many colour palettes, especially when combined with pinks, reds, blues, navy and the eternally popular whites and blacks. To add that finishing touch to your work outfit, wear the Small Pacific Ring for the mysterious, relaxing elements that the moonstone brings with it. This delicate moonstone ring is striking and elegant and can be worn on its own. For a dash of glamour, team it up with the Mushroom Ring, Balloon Ring or other rings from the diverse Pacific Collection.

Why we love it

Dulong Fine Jewelry is a renowned Scandinavian brand that resonates with The Jewellery Room’s values of providing high-quality, timeless jewellery pieces. Dulong’s impeccable craftsmanship and unique design aesthetic bring to life versatile collections that strike a perfect balance between the classical simplicity of Scandinavian traditions, the raw beauty of nature, and the edgy yet elegant designs. Every piece from Dulong Fine Jewelry is a statement of their uncompromising standards of quality in materials, artisanship, and presentation. We believe the Small Pacific Ring with grey moonstone is no exception. You will find it a joy to wear and a treasure to possess.

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