Dulong Fine JewelryPiccolo Necklace Gold, White Sapphires

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The Piccolo Necklace in 18 karat gold with natural grey sapphires is a fine creation from Dulong Fine Jewelry.

  • 18k gold necklace with 6 gold circle pendants
  • 13 natural grey sapphires
  • Chain length: 47cm
  • Colour: Gold, grey

What's the story

The Piccolo Necklace is finely crafted in 18 karat yellow gold, enhanced with natural grey sapphires and 18 karat gold pendants, encircling every second sapphire. The necklace also features the Dulong Fine Jewelry’s signature ‘D’ 18 karat gold charm near the clasp. The 13 natural grey sapphires spaced around the necklace create a classic, clean, and sophisticated look, while the 6 gold circle pendants add an extra layer of interest and glamour. The talented partnership of Marianne Dulong, jeweller and Anja Camilla Alajdi, creative director and stylist, aims to capture the vital spirit of women in their work. Their unwavering commitment to quality in materials and craftsmanship, coupled with beautiful modern designs for contemporary women is reflected in every piece of Dulong Fine Jewelry.

What's great about it

Women who wear jewellery from the Piccolo Collection enjoy exclusivity, sophistication, and luxury. The 18 karat gold necklace with natural grey sapphires interspersed with encircling gold pendants is a unique creation with timeless appeal. The Piccolo Necklace epitomises the spirit and style of Dulong Fine Jewelry, with its delicate chain links in premium quality yellow gold, enhanced by lovely handcrafted circle pendants and a generous scattering of fine gemstones.

How to wear it

A necklace is a piece of jewellery that is worn close to your heart and highlights the neck and décolletage area beautifully. The Piccolo Collection including this gold necklace with sapphires is designed for the modern, independent and quality-conscious woman. Its understated classical quality makes the Piccolo Necklace a stylish accessory for everyday wear. Available in the comfortable length of 47cm, it is delicate and easy to wear, bringing understated glamour to any outfit. Pair with other jewellery from this collection for a versatile and chic look or mix with jewellery across collections for personal expression.

Why we love it

Dulong Fine Jewelry is synonymous with timeless Danish craftsmanship. Worn by celebrities and Scandinavian Royalty, jewellery from Dulong’s collections are much sought- after pieces for their quality and stylish sophistication. It is no surprise that the Piccolo Collection is one of Dulong Fine Jewelry’s most popular ranges and there is no mistaking the mark of Danish quality and contemporary design embodied in every piece.

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