Dulong Fine JewelryDelphis Necklace Gold, White Diamond

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Delphis Amulet Pendant in 18 karat gold with one brilliant cut diamond on an oxidised silver stream chain. 18k yellow gold amulet pendant

  • Oxidised silver stream chain
  • 0.009ct D-F, VVS/VS brilliant cut white diamond
  • Chain length: 47cm
  • Colour: gold, white and, black

What's the story

Marianne Dulong, jeweller and founder, and Anja Camilla Alajdi, creative director and stylist, of Dulong Fine Jewelry aim to capture the spirit of women and the essence of “Forever Now.” Their design ethos centres on an unwavering commitment to quality in materials and craftsmanship, paired with beautiful, modern designs for today’s women. The Delphis amulet is Dulong Fine Jewelry's modern interpretation of the classic amulet. The Delphis amulet is an exclusive piece of craftsmanship with five shiny, high-gloss balls that lie like little raindrops on the velvety surface of the matte, 18 karat yellow gold pendant. A striking brilliant cut white diamond is set in one of the spheres. The dark links of the oxidised silver stream chain provide a striking setting for the warm yellow gold pendant.

What's great about it

The Delphis amulet pendant necklace captures the spirit and style of Dulong Fine Jewelry. With its fine chain links in oxidised silver to create an interesting black necklace, it beautifully offsets the 18 karat, yellow gold amulet pendant featuring small glossy gold balls on the silky matte finish of the pendant. A surprise brilliant cut white diamond set in one of the decorative balls adds a touch of luxury. Combining high quality Danish craftsmanship and modern design, every piece of the Dulong Fine Jewelry collections embodies sophistication and luxury for timeless appeal.

How to wear it

Dulong Fine Jewelry collections have a common design thread that allows them to be mixed cohesively, while retaining individuality of expression. Designed for the modern, independent, and quality conscious woman, its understated classic elegance makes the Delphis Necklace a stylish accessory for everyday wear. In light of the amulet’s significance as a lucky charm, it is intended to be worn always. It hangs at a comfortable length on a 47cm chain.

Why we love it

Dulong Fine Jewelry is synonymous with timeless Danish craftsmanship. Worn by celebrities and Scandinavian royalty, ornaments from Dulong’s collection are sought after pieces for their quality and stylish sophistication. The Delphis amulet recalls classic talisman charms, worn to protect or bring good fortune to the wearer. The Delphis amulet evokes this sense of tradition. A reputation for uncompromising standards of design excellence and quality craftsmanship has established Dulong Fine Jewelry as one of the leading Scandinavian jewellery brands.

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