Dulong Fine JewelrySmall Kharisma earrings Gold

8.500 DKK


Iconic Small Kharisma Earrings from the Dulong Fine Jewelry Collection are in 18k yellow gold and meticulously crafted in the finest materials. The small size is discreet, and the left earring is different from the right one, with the curve pointing away from the face.

  • 18k yellow gold earrings
  • Height: Approximately 22mm
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

This pair of gold earrings by Dulong Fine Jewelry is a brilliant embodiment of Danish elegance and craftsmanship. The iconic Kharisma Collection by Marianne Dulong and Anja Camilla Alajdi takes its name from the Greek word for personal charisma. The designers find their inspiration for these pieces in Denmark, creating the finest Scandinavian jewellery. Each piece comes in a dynamic, rounded shape. The elegant curve of the asymmetrical hoop represents a visual movement and is iconic in its simplicity. Dulong Fine Jewelry aims to capture the spirit of women and the essence of Forever Now. These earrings are crafted out of a warm yellow gold into elegantly curving lines - a great way to add a touch of gold to your outfit. It’s no surprise that Scandinavian royals and celebrities deeply love pieces from the Kharisma Collection. You will often see Denmark’s Crown Princess Mary wearing the iconic Kharisma earrings.

What's great about it

Unique hand-filed surface, precision, and sophistication characterise Dulong pieces. Another appeal of these gold earrings is the asymmetrical hoops, which represent visual movement. Glamorous and discreet, these Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings are a great addition to your everyday style.

How to wear it

This timeless piece fits beautifully with other jewellery from Kharisma collection. It also complements Dulong jewellery across the collections. Pair it with a pendant for a stunning look, and it is sure to attract attention. If you are looking for a pair of casual earrings for everyday wear, these stylish earrings will work with any outfit you want to sport. It’s a statement earring, attention-grabbing without being over-sized. The simple, yet elegant, design lets you stand out on formal occasions and adds a touch of sophistication when worn with a casual outfit.

Why we love it

We at The Jewellery Room cherish originality and timeless pieces, a passion which Dulong Fine Jewellery shares with us. The brand meticulously balances the classic and glamorous character of their designs. Since 2005, the famous Danish jewellery brand has created collections of earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces of the finest materials. We can relate with Anja Camilla Alajdi and Marianne Dulong’s focus on uncompromising craftsmanship in our business philosophy. The versatile pieces appeal to fashionistas who like to stand out without compromising on quality or exclusivity.

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