Dulong Fine JewelryMega Delphis Hoops Gold

19.500 DKK


Crafted in 18 karat gold, the Mega Delphis Hoop earrings from the Dulong atelier are absolutely striking. An innovative interpretation of the classic hoop style, these creole hoop earrings are available in a variety of materials and sizes.

  • 18k gold hoop earrings
  • Size: Mega
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

Established in 2005 as a unique partnership between jeweller Marianne Dulong and designer-stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi, Dulong Fine Jewelry has grown into one of the most exclusive jewellery labels from Denmark. The brand’s clear focus on uncompromising craftsmanship and passion for individual fit has made them a favourite among modern women, who are trendy as well as quality-conscious. Each piece from the label’s workshop has an enduring character, which makes it a treasure for life. This ingenuity is clearly expressed in their Delphis Collection based on intricate design accentuated by asymmetrical patterns. The pieces in this collection, like the Mega Delphis Hoop earrings, are glamorous and edgy with a dash of bohemian style.

What's great about it

The Mega Delphis Hoop earrings in 18 karat gold make a strong statement with their mega-sized yet delicate form. The hand-filed surface is offset with shiny golden spheres of varying sizes set in an asymmetric arrangement, giving it the feel of a dew-laden tendril. The combination of exclusivity and bohemian flair in the Mega Delphis Hoop earrings gives a bold twist to the popular classical design. This is what makes them a perfect choice for the powerful persona of the contemporary woman.

How to wear it

A beautiful statement pair from Dulong, these Mega Delphis Hoop earrings carry a powerful presence. Apt for a wide variety of styles and occasions, these mega-sized earrings can add significant flair to your outfit choices. Wear this pair of Mega Delphis Hoop earrings with smart formals to make a striking statement at the office. Or, flaunt them with a halter dress on a party night for a dose of bold elegance. The Mega Delphis Hoop earrings can also be worn with other dainty pieces from the Dulong universe to create your own personal look.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we are delighted to bring you these Mega Delphis Hoop earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry, for they are a beautiful representation of the brand’s values—fine craftsmanship and excellent quality. The Jewellery Room also adores Dulong Fine Jewelry for their timeless artistry in creating pieces so special that they radiate an inner glow. Dulong jewellery truly captures the spirit of the modern, independent woman and the essence of “Forever Now” that is so beautifully showcased by the Mega Delphis Hoop earrings.

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