Dulong Fine JewelryAura Earrings Silver

3.500 DKK


The enchanting Aura Earrings Silver are crafted in sterling silver. This precious pair belongs to the Aura Collection by Dulong Fine Jewelry inspired by natural motifs.

  • Sterling silver earrings
  • Colour: Silver

What's the story

Dulong Fine Jewelry is a remarkable Danish brand with a solid heritage in sophisticated craftsmanship. The Aura Collection introduced by Dulong Fine Jewelry utilizes organic shapes and offers artful interpretation of perpetual natural movements. The creative masterpieces developed by the talented designers seem to capture the gentle breeze, the slightest trembling of tender petals, and the flutter of butterfly wings. Versatility, timelessness, and irresistible beauty are combined in this stunning collection. The intricate shape and feather-like texture of these Aura Earrings Silver make them stand out by creating a unique dynamic effect. Every time you turn your head and the earrings catch the light, it generates vivid reflections making the frozen motion real.

What's great about it

The modern and timeless style of these earrings makes them appealing and trendy. Organic shapes and handcrafted finish create the captivating effect of perpetual motion and natural inspiration. The earrings are like delicate silver wings which have settled on your ears for a moment to lend you their magical sparkle. When a woman wears these precious pieces, which reflect her inner energy and sensual diversity, she radiates charm and beauty. She is like a breath of fresh air and a wellspring of inspiration.

How to wear it

Featuring nature-inspired shapes with a classical yet modern style, the Aura Earrings Silver are extremely adaptable. They suit various types of apparel and virtually every occasion. The naturally designed and skillfully texturised precious pieces add charm and elegance to your appearance. Making a stylish accent, they harmonise your look and emphasise your dynamic and emotional inner world. These pieces of jewellery can be worn alone, with other items from the Aura Collection, and also with jewellery from across collections.

Why we love it

In the constantly changing world, we often forget that human beings are intricately linked to nature. The soul can benefit greatly from the immense natural energy and power. The amazing Aura Collection symbolises the synergy between man and nature. We love how artfully the craftsmen from Dulong Fine Jewelry interpret natural lines, how they capture the tenderness of natural movements in precious metals and gemstones, and how they fill their jewellery with life and emotions. We also admire traditional quality, sophistication, and precision of this renowned Danish brand and sincerely wish you a joyful experience when wearing these fascinating Aura Earrings Silver

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