Dulong Fine JewelryAura Earrings Gold

16.500 DKK


The Aura Earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry are splendid in their graceful simplicity. Made of 18 karat yellow gold, these drop earrings are from the nature-inspired Aura Collection. Pretty and dramatic, the Aura Earrings are a bestseller by virtue of their timeless elegance.

  • 18k gold earrings, sold as a pair
  • Colour: Gold

What's the story

The epitome of excellence in its artistry, Dulong Fine Jewelry is a renowned Danish jewellery house with an enviable following. Founded in 2005 by jeweller Marianne Dulong, in partnership with designer-stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi, Dulong Fine Jewelry has set forth magnificent collections of earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants. Crafted with precious 18 karat gold, pearls and diamonds, Dulong creations are notably sensational in design and spirit. Inspired by the gentle and graceful movements of nature, the Aura Collection captures the fascinating essence of natural fluidity.

What's great about it

The Aura Earrings from Dulong present themselves as a veritable ode to nature’s raw elegance. Fashioned from 18 karat solid yellow gold, this pair of drop earrings smoothly incorporates the exquisite vibrations of nature in its organic contours. The Aura Earrings are specifically designed to call to remembrance the fresh sweetness of rustling leaves and floating feathers, showcasing the magical quality of weightless movement. The hand-filed finish plays with light to add to the artistic perfection of the lovely Aura Earrings that highlight facial features to a pleasing effect. Created for the modern woman who wishes to flaunt her individuality, these classy earrings are at once delicate and spirited in design and form.

How to wear it

Exquisitely crafted, the Aura Earrings can effortlessly elevate every style to elegant perfection. They will add charm and charisma to both simple, everyday looks and casual couture. The Aura Earrings can bring softness and impressive grace to your business formals as well. Ideal for the bold and confident diva unafraid to reveal her tender femininity, the Aura Earrings are fascinating in their complex simplicity. These earrings are beautiful by themselves, yet also allow effortless combinations with other matching necklaces, bracelets and rings from the Aura Collection and other Dulong collections.

Why we love it

Crafted with passion and precision, all Dulong creations are stunning in their perfection of form and style. Each piece of Dulong jewellery is a testament to the artistic originality that transcends time and concept. At The Jewellery Room, we adore the exquisite design language of Dulong Fine Jewelry that matures like fine wine with the passage of time. The Aura Earrings are an embodiment of the ageless loveliness that is forever in vogue.

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