Dulong Fine JewelryPiccolo Sunlight Bracelet Silver, Brown Gemstones

1.900 DKK


Expertly crafted to ensure complete comfort, the Piccolo Sunlight Bracelet from Dulong Fine Jewelry is an embodiment of finesse and grace. With its fresh and cool composition, the bracelet complements a wide range of styles and colour palettes.

  • Silver bracelet
  • Sapphire, turquoise, citrine, and labradorite gemstones
  • Available sizes: 1 (14cm), 2 (15cm), 3 (16cm), 4 (17cm), 5 (18cm)
  • Colour: Silver, mixed colours

What's great about it

Born of a splendid partnership between jeweller Marianne Dulong and designer Anja Camilla Alajdi, Dulong Fine Jewelry is inspired by Danish elegance combined with nature's refined forms. Crafted from precious metals, pearls and diamonds, Dulong jewellery caters to the contemporary woman who values quality and exclusivity in her style choices.

Why we love it

Anchored in timeless designs and flawless craftsmanship, Dulong Fine Jewelry makes no compromises on quality. The Jewellery Room loves Dulong for their incredible commitment to artistry, consistently bringing forth pieces that exude a harmonic balance between the classic, raw and glamorous, creating collections that are perfect for the modern fashionista who wishes to stand out in the crowd.

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