Dulong Fine JewelryPiccolo bracelet Gold, Mixed colours

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The charming Piccolo Bracelet in 18 karat gold from Dulong Fine Jewelry is embellished with coral, spinel, sapphire, black diamond, ruby and emerald with a total weight of 0.30 carat. The bracelet is from the Piccolo Collection.

  • 18k gold bracelet
  • 0.30ct. TW natural coral, spinel, sapphire, black diamond, ruby and emerald
  • Sizes: 1 (XS), 2 (S), 3 (M), 4 (L), 5 (XL)
  • Length: 1 (15.5 cm), 2 (16.5 cm), 3 (17.5 cm), 4 (18.5 cm), 5 (19.5cm)
  • Colour: Red, blue, orange, green, mixed colours

What's the story

Superior craftsmanship and exclusivity are synonymous with Dulong Fine Jewelry. This Danish brand was founded by two talented artists: jeweller Marianne Dulong, and Anja Camilla Alajdi, designer and renowned stylist. Their desire for perfection has resulted in quality jewellery collections, featuring colourful combinations of timeless, charming, and glamorous pieces. Kaleidoscopic and sophisticated, the Piccolo Collection from Dulong Fine Jewelry epitomizes Scandinavian light. The fresh and vivid splashes of colour in every precious piece make them breathe with the life-giving energy of nature.

What's great about it

Unique and colourful, the Piccolo Bracelet in 18 karat gold from the Dulong atelier is a classic piece. The jewellery features a range of amazingly colourful gemstones, including coral, spinel, sapphire, black diamond, ruby and emerald with a total weight of 0.30 carat, thoughtfully placed around the bracelet. Tiny pendants, one of them displaying the Dulong brand signature, add particular appeal to the piece. The rainbow colours, together with the exquisitely subtle design, will make the modern, independent diva look elegant and stylish, and reflect her inner warmth.

How to wear it

Thanks to the thoughtful and unique design, this Piccolo Bracelet is easy to wear. Shaped by skilful goldsmiths, the jewellery is comfortable and elegant. Small pendants and gemstones are carefully designed without any sharp edges to damage a woman’s beautiful ensemble. The playful design of the Piccolo Bracelet makes it best suited for joyful occasions, such as outings, parties, and weddings, where it can be worn solo or combined with other Piccolo bracelets and accessories from across Dulong collections.

Why we love it

Proud to represent one of the most exclusive jewellery brands in Scandinavia, we, at The Jewellery Room, support the main values of Dulong Fine Jewelry—unrivalled artisanship, exclusivity, and glamorous designs— which are hallmarks of this reputable brand. Every piece from their atelier is meticulously crafted to perfection for fashionistas who compromise on neither quality nor beauty. Sophisticated and colourful, the Piccolo Bracelet in gold and mixed colours is exquisitely designed for the modern woman of taste.

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