Dulong Fine JewelryPiccolo 18K bracelet Gold, Mixed colours

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This delicate and elegant bracelet is presented to you as part of the Piccolo Collection from Dulong Fine Jewelry. It is made of 18 karat yellow gold and is interspersed with a variety of gemstones. The bracelet is fitted with a lobster clasp, to facilitate easy wearing and removal.

  • 18k yellow gold bracelet
  • Gemstones: Moonstone, aquamarine, star ruby, coral, labradorite, garnet, amethyst, and amazonite
  • Chain length: 15.5cm, 16.5cm, 17.5cm, 18.5cm, 19.5cm
  • Colours: Green, white, orange, gold, blue, lavender, and red

What's the story

Dulong is one of the most famous and exclusive jewellery brands in Denmark. Conceived by jeweller Marianne Dulong and designer-stylist Anja Camilla Alajdi, Dulong aims at creating timeless jewellery that are of uncompromising quality. The Piccolo Collection has been designed to appeal to the modern women of today, who prefer trendy and lightweight jewellery. The ornaments in the Piccolo Collection are fashionable and delicately designed. The pearls and gems used in these jewels are carefully selected for quality and colour to provide a tasteful and striking look.

What's great about it

The Mixed Colours Gold Bracelet from the Piccolo Collection is artistically designed using different gems of different colours strung on a delicate yellow gold chain. The classic anchor-style chain adds a timeless charm to the bracelet. The designer has added a further twist to this bracelet by using gems of various shapes and sizes. The bracelet also has a signature Dulong charm, which can be seen in most Dulong creations.

How to wear it

The thin and delicate design of the Piccolo Gold Bracelet makes it suitable for daily use. The mixed colours of the gemstone beads used in the bracelet allow you to accessorise it with any coloured outfit. The refreshing design makes it an excellent accessory for floral sundresses or other casual outfits. When stepping out for fun gatherings with friends or family, slip on one or two more Piccolo bracelets to give yourself a stylish and chic look. Add multiple thin rings on your fingers to up your charm quotient.

Why we love it

This Piccolo Gold Bracelet would be just the right purchase or a gift for women who prefer tastefully crafted jewellery that makes them stand out in a crowd. We love the Piccolo Gold Bracelet for its intricate design and light-as-a-feather brush of whimsy around your wrist.

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