CbyC JewelryLink Chain Ankle Chain Gold Filled, White Pearls

880 DKK


Handcrafted in CbyC Jewelry’s studio in Stockholm, Sweden, the chunky Link Chain Ankle Chain is gold filled for lasting quality and features a classic spring clasp. The bold size of this stylish gold link chain is designed for the woman who is effortlessly chic and wants to make a statement.

  • Gold filled ankle chain
  • Length of chain: 24cm
  • Colour: Gold

What's great about it

Welcome to the marvellous world of the Swedish brand CbyC Jewelry, where luxury and style are at the core of every piece of handcrafted jewellery that is both delightful and affordable. Founded by Cecilia Hörberg-Fällström, the CbyC range of demi-fine jewellery can be worn alone or combined in infinite ways to create looks as unique and glamorous as you are.

Why we love it

Fully committed to quality and excellence in craftsmanship, CbyC makes no compromise in their array of easy, effortlessly chic jewellery. The Jewellery Room loves this cool brand for its philosophy of everyday elegance through jewellery that enhances your personal mojo and confidence. Perfect for the woman of fine taste, CbyC Jewelry adds a unique flavour of opulence to your style.

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