Anpé Atelier cphAlu Ring Gold, Grey Sapphire and Diamonds

16.500 DKK


PLEASE NOTE that the delivery time will be 6 - 10 weeks. The beautiful Anpé Atelier Alu Ring is from the Classic Complexity Collection. It is crafted out of 18 karat whitegold with a natural unheated grey sapphire weighing 0.79 carat and VS1 diamonds with a total weight of 0.19 carat. The ring is delivered with a certificate.

  • 18k white gold ring
  • 0.19ct. TW.VS1 diamonds
  • 0.79ct. grey sapphire
  • Available sizes: 49-57
  • Colour: Whitegold, white, grey

What's the story

Founded in 2017, Anpé Atelier Cph was born of the talented designer, Line Jacobsen’s enthralling encounter with the vibrant Sri Lankan culture and lifestyle while on a trip there in 2015. Deeply inspired, she set out to combine the myriad hues of the East in the form of natural gemstones with the magical minimalism of Scandinavian aesthetics to create a grand array of sustainable fine jewellery that is unique, meaningful, and timeless. The Classic Complexity Collection from Anpé Atelier Cph features a kaleidoscopic array of gemstones set in precious metal, with each piece carefully handcrafted to singular perfection. This exquisite Alu ring crafted in white gold, diamonds and grey sapphire is one such piece of jewellery.

What's great about it

The elegant Anpé Atelier Alu Ring is crafted in 18 karat whitegold and embellished with diamonds and a sapphire. The cushion-cut, 0.79 carat grey sapphire forms the ring’s centrepiece, firmly placed in prong-setting on the ring’s band, and 2 VS1 diamonds of 0.06 carat each sit on either side. An array of 14 sparkling VS1 diamonds, each 0.005 carats, dazzle along the band of the ring. The subtle combination of white gold with symmetrically-positioned gemstones creates a fine balance and gives the ring its sophisticated look.

How to wear it

Simply rock this ring with any ensemble — flowery summer dresses, tomboyish leather jackets, or professional collared shirts. There are no limitations to the combinations that you can create. Flaunt your personal style by combining this ring with necklaces and earrings from the Anpé Atelier Collection. You can also stack it with other rings from this versatile collection. This ring in size 53 is ready to be shipped and will be delivered within 1-5 days. Should you want it in another size, please allow delivery time of 10-14 days.

Why we love it

At The Jewellery Room, we love the rich, colourful mix of natural gemstones of the Anpé Atelier Collections, that produces classic, stylish, and distinctive jewellery pieces. We love that the brand firmly abides by the philosophy of sustainability and ethical standards. No two pieces from Anpé’s Collections are identical as every gemstone is unique. We recommend Anpé’s high-quality, one-of-a-kind creations as an addition to your personal jewellery collections. The Alu Ring is a beautiful reminder of the deep places of the heart and will make a lovely addition to your personal jewellery collection.

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