Each piece of jewellery is a chapter designed to take you on a journey

Polar Jewelry

Polar Jewelry is a new brand on the Danish jewellery scene with a lot on its mind. The Copenhagen-based brand is rooted in a love of art, design and experimentation. If you love organic, vibrant jewellery, you will love Polar Jewelry.

About Polar Jewelry

Each collection from Polar Jewelry has its own unique story, and each piece of jewellery is a chapter designed to take you on a journey. Polar Jewelry put effort into finding high quality materials and colour palettes that reflect the message and ambition of the various collections. All the jewellery is handmade in Sterling silver with 22 karat gold or rhodium plating. The use of the finest materials ensures functionality, high-quality jewellery.

You will find pieces that are set with natural freshwater pearls and red bamboo corals. The use of natural materials reflects the company’s value of ethical sourcing. The choice of using bamboo corals rather than natural corals is due to the fact that the natural corals are a living organism, which is in danger of extinction. Fortunately, bamboo corals are a beautiful alternative to red and pink corals.

Polar Jewelry – Sustainability and timeless classics

Polar Jewelry’s production is dedicated to sustainability and Polar Jewelry is part of the UN Global Compact. The initiative promotes labor, human rights, anti-corruption and protection of the environment. The brand is also a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council, which sets guidelines for an International Standard of Responsible Practice in the jewellery industry.

Polar Jewellery stands for modern elegance with a classic, timeless design, giving us that special spark of excitement in the detail. Its the story of delicate golden forms crafted in sustainable materials. A homage to art and nature.

Polar Jewelry – About the Designers

Polar Jewelry was founded in 2017 by Anne Sofie Fenneberg & Louise Kaiser. Their ethos is to test unconventional boundaries and to infuse elegance and a bit of wonder into every collection they make.

Louise Kaiser studied Industrial & Product Design at Central St Martins and then worked for 7 years in London. Anne Sofie Fenneberg is an award-winning sculptor and artist. In 2017, she took a master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. The two founders combine their untraditional creative backgrounds to create a unique hybrid aesthetic for their jewellery, resulting an artistic, functional and distinctive product.

A love of experimentation lies deep in Polar Jewelry’s DNA. The collections arise out of a curiosity for a culture, a particular topic, theme or even the spiritual. Often the ideas spring from the two women’s imagination or an experiential and creative perspective.

The two designers’ creative backgrounds are visible in the brand’s aesthetics and clear brand direction. Nothing Anne Sofie and Louise do is unintentional, and every detail is examined very carefully before being integrated into a design. Once an idea has emerged, the sketching process begins where the aesthetic depth is explored. From there shapes, colours and configurations come to life.

Polar Jewelry – Why we love it

We love Polar Jewelry’s beautiful and sustainable universe. Especially the Tarot collection, which is inspired by the mysterious world of tarot cards and spirituality is exciting to take a closer look at. It is said that tarot cards can predict the future and guide one through life’s obstacles. Polar Jewelry has created a collection that pays homage to the artistic cards and the rich cultural history with universal symbols like the moon and the sun, each with their own meaning. Also, the latest collection “Fairytales” is incredibly beautiful. The Fairytales collection is inspired by H.C. Andersen’s great adventure. You will find flying butterflies encrusted with zirconia stones and branches which crawls on your ear perfectly dotted with sparkling zirconia stones.

H.C. Andersen created magical worlds with his pen and a beautiful visual language rich in timeless symbols, metaphors and parables – you will find the same in Polar Jewelry simply interpreted in precious metals. Polar Jewelleries clear vision of creating a love story, a sensual homage for art found movements is what makes our hearts stop for a tiny second.


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