Seed e 18K Gold PendantSeed e 18K Gold Pendant

Maren Jewellery

Seed e 18K Gold Pendant
5.835,00 DKK
Seed d 18K Gold PendantSeed d 18K Gold Pendant

Maren Jewellery

Seed d 18K Gold Pendant
7.010,00 DKK
Seed c 18K Gold PendantSeed c 18K Gold Pendant

Maren Jewellery

Seed c 18K Gold Pendant
5.055,00 DKK
Seed b 18K Gold PendantSeed b 18K Gold Pendant

Maren Jewellery

Seed b 18K Gold Pendant
6.620,00 DKK
Your Essence Coin 18K Gold PendantYour Essence Coin 18K Gold Pendant

Maren Jewellery

Your Essence Coin 18K Gold Pendant
2.310,00 DKK
Wild Lines 18K Gold Pendant w. Lab-Grown DiamondWild Lines 18K Gold Pendant w. Lab-Grown Diamond
Sold out
Pearl Lane Pendant (Made to Order)
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By Pariah

Pearl Lane Pendant (Made to Order)
2.130,00 DKK
ReMind 18K Gold Pendant w. Lab-Grown DiamondReMind 18K Gold Pendant w. Lab-Grown Diamond

Maren Jewellery

ReMind 18K Gold Pendant w. Lab-Grown Diamond
18.755,00 DKK
Piccolo 18K Gold Pendants w. Gemstones
Sold out

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Piccolo 18K Gold Pendants w. Gemstones
4.900,00 DKK

Gold pendants are beautiful bits of jewellery that can add liveliness and energy to any necklace, earring or bracelet in just a moment. Depending on their size, the versatile gold pendant can be worn on necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even on rings to reflect a personalised sense of fashion. The contemporary designer gold pendants that we have here in our specially curated selection, embrace natural forms, inspirational words, symbols and emotions to help you express how you feel in luxuriously charming ways.

• What do pendants symbolise?
• Different pendant styles
• Pendants in gold and precious things

What do gold pendants signify?

Apart from the obvious ornamental value, a gold pendant can carry more personalised meaning than any other piece of jewellery. A necklace pendant always rests close to your heart symbolising precious memories and bonds to people and places. Earring pendants add grace and drama to everyday styles, taking your favourite look from day-wear to night-on-the-town in seconds. Bracelet pendants are also called charms, they are smaller in size and just as charming in form.

Gold pendants come in several delightful designs

♥ Gold and diamond cross pendants speak of faith as precious as gold
♥ Gemstone and crystal pendants are valued for the healing and protective properties of the stones used
♥ Symbolic pendants like the evil-eye pendants and hamsa pendants are believed to ward off harmful influences. The popular heart pendant symbolises love and positive emotions
♥ Letter pendants are beautiful ways to incorporate meaningful jewellery into your personal style as they spell out magic, adventure or love effortlessly
♥ Gold locket pendants can enclose secret messages or hold a precious memory close

Beautiful gold pendant materials

Gold pendants are absolutely captivating in the multitude of designs, colours and vibes they bring in. Regardless of size, gold pendants are always grand in their appeal. In our selection of gold pendants, you will find exclusive styles crafted from solid yellow gold in various purities like 18-karat and 14-karat yellow gold in beautiful designs. Gold pendants can also come in rhodium-plated white gold and rose gold hues that are highly in demand for their exclusive and muted elegance.

Gold-plated silver pendants

Always stunning, yet more affordable than their golden counterparts, gold-plated silver pendants are loved for their value as well as durability. Gold vermeil or 18 karats gold plated sterling silver pendants come in almost all the lovely designs as their gold counterparts, yet are significantly more affordable.

Gold gemstone pendants

Coloured gemstone pendants are always glorious when set in gold because it contrasts beautiful gemstone tones against the gold and you are in for a breathtaking treat. Gemstone pendants are loved for their beautiful and organic charm not to mention the unique properties that make them special. Many gemstones or crystals are believed to have spiritual benefits. And pendants are a great way to wear a crystal close to your body.

Gold diamond pendants

Diamond pendants usher in a guaranteed stamp of luxury to your style. Pendants paved with a glittering river of diamonds are eye-catching whenever you wear them. Solitaire diamond pendants stand a class apart in their expression of elegant splendour. For the conscious buyer, we have on offer here ethically sourced and sustainable lab-grown solitaire diamond pendants. These are excellent eco-gentle jewellery choices for you to build your personalised letter/number/symbol diamond pendant collections with.

Elegant pearl pendants

A pearl necklace or earring pendant is beautiful, symbolising wisdom, integrity, and purity. Pearl-set yellow gold pendants make classy accessories. It is an uncontested fact that the organic beauty of a natural freshwater or cultured pearl pendant is peerless. These pendants are available in beautiful pastel hues of pink and blue, enigmatic black, grey or green offset beautifully in gold or gold vermeil. A pearl pendant necklace, crafted in precious materials like gold, is an infinitely beautiful and precious gift for those we value. It is good to note that your pearl pendants would benefit from some TLC (tender loving care)! So use and store them carefully to keep them silky and lustrous for a lifetime.

Gold pendant designs

Gold pendant designs include; gold circle pendants and abstract designs that are especially favoured for their classy and contemporary vibes. The gold cross pendant is forever in vogue and comes in stunning styles in combination with diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Gold letter pendants on dainty gold chains are all the craze for layered necklace styling. A string of letter pendants on slim gold chains can spell your name alongside other charming motif pendants that show off your moods as well.

Gold earring pendants

Specially designed pendants for earrings are a rising trend among the fashionable. These charming earring add-ons pave the way for endless combinations with studs, hoops and huggies.

Charming bracelet pendants in gold

Little gold charm pendants on bracelets are simply irresistible. You can have as many little charms as you want on a slim chain bracelet. Or layer several delicate chain bracelets with tiny pendants on your wrist as reminders of good times and friendships.

Gold statement necklace pendants

Statement gold pendants for necklaces are literally all about making a powerful impression. Statement pendants are showstoppers by design with distinct shapes, sizes and forms.

♦ Art-deco-style vintage statement pendants are stunning with exquisite shapes and forms that make them valuable as collector’s items.
♦ The contemporary style statement pendants are intensely expressive, drawing inspiration from nature and creating beauty through abstract forms and rare textures.

Choosing your gold pendant for necklaces

Choose your necklace pendants according to your style preference and fancy. Wear your pendants to reflect your emotion, passions and personality. Nevertheless, the following points may help in picking the right pendant necklace for you.

Choosing pendant chains. Firstly, ensure that the chain width does not overpower your pendant size. At the same time, it is important that the chain is strong enough to carry the pendant safely. Use delicate chains of varying lengths for layering small pendants.

Chain lengths. Long pendant necklaces pair well with high necklines and turtlenecks. Wide necklines look fine with a short pendant necklace gracing the base of your neck. Wear pendants that lay against the bare skin on medium-length chains with your favourite deep-V-neck blouse.

Pendant layering tips. When you layer with pendants, make sure that the other pieces of jewellery used do not clash with or draw attention away from your necklace. A large necklace pendant looks best when paired with small earrings and dainty bracelets.

You can't compromise on pendants. You simply must have a beautiful pendant selection in your jewellery collection. Gold pendants are valuable and durable offering a fun way to effortlessly dress up every day in elegance. We invite you to explore the most beautiful designer pendants from our selection of exclusive European brands to find as many beautiful designer pendants as will capture your heart forever.

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