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In Handmade FORMÉS

FORMÉS is an independent conscious designer jewellery brand and manufacturing company that combines art and handcraft with high technology, recycled precious metals and sustainable lab-grown diamonds. All jewellery pieces from FORMÉS are designed and created by Viktorija Kančinian, a second-generation designer from a family of jewellery makers. 

These lovely designs are made especially for a conscious and picky woman, who is usually fond of travelling, art, science, reading and learning to be her best self, creating an inspiring life, and of course for the one who loves unconventional designer creations!

Viktorija Kančinian

Design Story

Viktorija Kančinian’s sensitive soul is curious and has always enjoyed arts and crafts. She grew up in a family that, within a few decades built the largest jewellery manufacturing and design company in her country, Lithuania. In preparation to join them, she studied and worked in business management, marketing and product creation.

As CEO and marketing manager of her family business, Viktorija soon discovered that some of the designs had to be renewed to increase sales. After a decade of being directly involved in the jewellery creation process, she knew that she simply thrived in the process of developing new products. 

However it took marriage, motherhood and the pandemic for her to find the courage to break through and follow her own path—let the perfectionism and overachievement go—and finally believe in herself and start creating—not in a response to the market or her parents, but to what she saw as unique and worthwhile. Thus her new world FORMÉS was birthed in to channel her rich family heritage through her unique perspective.

Not very long after launching her own Jewellery brand FORMÉS in 2020, she found the key component for her creations—the lab-grown diamonds—an amazing product of human wisdom, science, ethics and responsibility. Mixed with recycled gold, Viktorija forged her path to sustainability in jewellery making. The first independent collection was created within 2 years.

Behind FORMÉS  

Brand Secrets

FORMÉS takes shape when sustainable, ethical and science-led materials and advanced techniques mix and match with fine timeless jewellery-making art. 3D techniques, diamond science with soulful stories, and unusual forms with the harmony of colours and unseen combinations is the heart of Formés creation.

“FORMÉS drives the evolution of perspectives and shapes visually matching what seems incompatible.”


Thoughts on sustainability

Aiming to give more than it takes from the planet, Formés is all about sustainable jewellery making. The jewellery is born in an innovative family workshop with 30 years of experience in creating high-end quality and optimising resources. Every piece is manufactured individually, responsibly and locally – team members work close to each other and are happy with their challenging tasks, working environment and conditions.

The brand saves the planet by choosing made, not mined materials—by working with sustainably and ethically created lab-grown diamonds, that are created with green energy only, and handcrafting from recycled gold. 

Slow creation and production process: Our projects start out small by launching the designs in visuals, and testing which ones gain the most interest online. Then little by little, those items are manufactured. After testing which designs are the best sellers, those and similar items are produced. 

“I value jewellery as my medium, and to create it I am mindful about every single detail: the soulful ideas, unexpected design, impact on the planet, finest materials and techniques and most importantly — all the women I found inspiring in my journey.”


Why we love it

Spectacular lab-created diamond jewellery full of fire crafted to perfection in recycled! We love the minimalism and unexpected design twists merged with the maximalism of the lab-grown diamonds. We personally love the Becoming collection with all the hidden and obvious symbols of our own transformative stories that are brought on by motherhood, especially the MAMA rings. We support the sustainable, future-friendly vision of the brand and the high dose of creative energy in every piece.

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