Pure and classy white gold bangles

Hey there, looking for some pretty wristwear that is at once precious, classic and captivating? Look no further than white gold bangles. Available in an infinite variety of designs, both simple and outright splendorous, white gold bangles are the perfect accessory for all occasions. White gold bangles are an easy choice for those shunning the warm tones of traditional yellow gold. The pure white hue of the ethereal white gold adds a timeless elegance to the jewellery made from it. Much loved for their neutral colour, white gold bangles never fail to impress when paired with both casual and formal styles. Highly visible and captivating in its silvery allure, the contemporary white gold bangle can easily be your daily favourite. The dazzling combination of diamonds and white gold is a truly timeless trend. Slim and slender white bangles as well as those studded with pearls and other coloured gemstones are all much sought after by today’s women. The muted luxury of this pure white metal makes it a global favourite as the ideal type of workplace jewellery.

Purity standards for white gold jewellery

White gold was originally introduced as an alternative for platinum. This precious white alloy is a precise concoction of pure gold and metals such as nickel, zinc, and copper. The resultant blend is virtually indistinguishable in appearance from the significantly more expensive platinum and considerably more durable than silver. White gold jewellery is often coated with rhodium to enhance the silvery finish. Now, white gold is indeed precious as it comprises real gold. The varying proportions of pure gold in the alloy decides the purity of white gold. White gold jewellery hallmarked as 18 karat contains 75% pure gold and the 14 karat variant has 58.3% of pure gold in it. Unlike fluid bracelets, the rigid form of bangles calls for choosing the right size to ensure a good fit. Be sure to use thejewelleryroom.com’s Bangle & Bracelet Size Guide to figure out the right bangle size; one that will fit close or one that will dance on your wrist.

Shop for designer white gold bangles at thejewelleryroom.com

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