Torun 18K Rosegold Bangle w. Diamonds 0.08 ctTorun 18K Rosegold Bangle w. Diamonds 0.08 ct
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Halo 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds 1.72 ctHalo 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds 1.72 ct
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Georg Jensen

Halo 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds 1.72 ct
72.750,00 DKK
Absolutely Knot Pavé 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondsAbsolutely Knot Pavé 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
Kharisma 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondKharisma 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamond

Dulong Fine Jewelry

Kharisma 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamond
33.900,00 DKK
Future 18K Gold Bangle w. DiamondsFuture 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
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Dulong Fine Jewelry

Future 18K Gold Bangle w. Diamonds
19.900,00 DKK

Everybody who wants to buy a diamond bangle is welcome! You are on the right page! A definite expression of luxury and sophistication, diamond bangles are hot favourites with both men and women everywhere. The designer diamond bangles you see here are from some of the world's best jewellery designers and brands. They have unique designs, superior quality, and expert craftsmanship. Our personal favourites are, of course, the Scandinavian styles. These are curated by our founders, Charlotte and Pernille, who are jewellery experts with uncompromising standards for quality.

• What's unique about diamond bangles?
• Different styles of diamond bangles
• Tips for buying diamond bangles

Diamond bangles are gorgeous fashion statements

Diamond jewellery epitomises luxury and exclusivity; the sparkling gemstone symbolises endurance, power, and loyalty. Unmatched for their hardness and brilliance, which make them the "forever" gems and bangles designed with diamonds are exquisite statements.

Diamond bangles are for special occasions
Diamond bangles, earrings, rings, pendants, and necklaces are beautiful and can be worn to work, celebrations and party nights. A diamond bangle is exclusive and suitable for special occasions, weddings and party styling. The perfect gift to celebrate any of life's memorable events, a diamond bangle would make a lovely birthday, wedding, anniversary, or graduation present.

Diamond bangle styles

There is something so sweetly feminine and graceful about a diamond bangle and bracelet that almost every woman anywhere in the world would love to wear them with their diamond earrings and have a few in her diamond jewellery collection.

Single diamond bangles or luxurious styles
A diamond bangle may be set with one diamond in beautiful "scadi-cool" designs or be a river of fire and light with several rows of pavé- or prong-set diamonds. The choice is yours!

Unisex diamond bangle designs
Many designers have created gender-inclusive designs in their bangle and bracelet collections. We have curated select diamond bracelet styles from exclusive designer collections that appeal to both men and women alike. For instance, unisex diamond macrame bracelets and diamond cuff bracelets are stylish fashion statements when paired with watches and chunky bangles.

Diamond bangles materials

Diamond bangles in gold
Authentic diamond jewellery is expensive because of the value of the sparkling gemstone. So a diamond bangle in solid gold is worth the investment.

14k gold (58.3% purity) and 18k (75% purity) gold are durable and excellent, long-lasting materials for diamond bangles. The price of a diamond bangle or bracelet depends on the weight and purity of the gold used in it. For instance, the price of an 18k gold and diamond bangle would be higher than one in 14k gold of equivalent weight and diamond caratage.

You can choose your favourite diamond bangle style in yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold

• Coloured diamonds like champagne and cognac diamonds contrast beautifully and stand out well in yellow gold, which is very flattering on warmer skin tones.
• White gold is considered the best setting for brilliant white diamond jewellery. This is because a white diamond sparkles more against the white gold setting.
• Diamond bangles in unique contemporary designs are also available in rose gold and are becoming increasingly popular today. Rose gold has a romantic blush-pink hue that's very attractive and feminine.

Diamond bangles in sterling silver
Some silver diamond bangle bracelets are gold-plated or rhodium-plated for a durable finish. These styles are just as gorgeous yet come in affordable price ranges than the solid gold diamond bangles.

Coloured gemstone and diamond bangles
Diamond bangles may be set with stones of different cuts and shapes, such as cushion, princess, emerald, oval or pear. Diamond bangles also vary according to the stone settings like prong, pavé, bezel, or channel settings.

Bangles set with fancy-coloured diamonds in yellow, pink, brown, and black have been trending in recent years and have found favour with women who lean towards unique jewellery with an edgy vibe.

A bangle or bracelet set with a combination of diamonds and other gemstones, such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires, makes a splendid style statement. Pearl and diamond bangles are classic beauties that could become treasured pieces you can hand down to the future generation.

Diamond bangle bracelets, bangle or bracelet: what's the difference?

Although bangles and bracelets are all the same and are often referred to as bangle bracelets, there are clear structural differences between bangles and bracelets. However, a bangle is a rigid, closed circle of metal or any other material which you can slip onto your wrist. A bracelet may be flexible or rigid, but unlike bangles, bracelets open and close with a clasp. Chain, charm, and tennis bracelets are flexible, while cuffs and bangle bracelets are rigid.

Points to note when buying diamond bangle bracelets

Diamond grading and quality
Without mentioning the 4Cs of diamonds—cut, colour, clarity and carat weight—no discussion about diamond jewellery would be complete. These grades indicate diamond quality and determine the price of a piece of diamond jewellery. The better the cut and colour of the diamonds in a bangle or bracelet, the greater their clarity, and the higher their carat weight, the higher the prices of diamond jewellery.

Bangle sizing
Closed bangles come in fixed sizes—Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. When you buy one of these styles, you must ensure that you choose the right bangle size, so they are not too small or too large for your wrist. A bangle that is too small cannot be slid on, while a bangle that is too large would fall off your wrist.

Sizing Tip
Choose the size that will allow you to slip on the bangle easily over the broadest part of your hand (over your knuckles) and comfortably encircle your wrist without falling off.

You can read our Bangle Size Guide here on how to find the perfect-fitting bangle when shopping online.

Since diamond bangles are expensive, you should consider purchasing yours from a reliable source with appropriate certificates. We hope the above discussion helps you when shopping for diamond bangles and wish you a delightful online shopping experience with us.

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