Red Alert by Bergsoe

Bergsoe Jewellery is known for her dreamy and detailed jewellery design. Her sculptural pieces takes you on a magical journey and with the designs just launched by the talented designer, we are invited on a colourful journey to party with the mermaids.

We met with Josephine who let us in on her creative process. “In my world, there is nothing so passionate and at the same time refined in an almost decadent way, like Italian corals. Like pearls, they originate from the ocean, are organic and completely unique. To me, they present an adventure in itself, even before we start working with them.”

Despite the fact that Bergsoe works very organically and stays true to her signature style, she still hits the spot when it comes to being on trend this season. Red is namely a key colour this Summer.

The Seafire earring is colourful as a sea creature that clings to the edge of the ear and drips with a stunning Coral. I imagine that a mermaid on her way to a party has let her fingers slide over the seabed and have grabbed a crustacean that has embellished itself with everything it could find of flashing fish shells, coral and gems. Now it clings to her ears in a hurry through the ocean.”

The red trend alert this season is interpreted with a more grown-up sensibility and in a more sophisticated way. 

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